MGA had some strange revelations, nowadays, Ahmadiyya apologists are busy trying to redefine those, since they are mostly unintelligible ramblings and made up quack stories.  We have found many instances of Ahmadiyya editing as well, honestly, we are late to this party, if you understand what that means.  Noentheless, this particular reference comes from the Diary of MGA, which has no publish date,  see page 29.  In fact, Ahmadiyya leadership seems to quote page 29 of MGA’s diary on this page in successive revelations.  However, they don’t indicate if all of these statements come from the same entry or not.  They probably did this purposely, so as to cause confusion.  The 2009 edition of Tadhkirah seems to give us more information.

The life of Nusrat Jehan, MGA’s wife

The reference from the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah

The reference from the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah

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See page 1904

It’s as follows:

From Mahmud’s mother: 

[Arabic] I wish to be released.

From Allah: 

[Arabic] I wish to release.

What does this second statement seem to indicate?
In the new edition of Tadhkirah (2009), they seem to have added an additional reference.  It seems to indicate that MGA’s wife was asking to be released from marriage with MGA, MGA asked his GOD, his GOD responded that he wished to release her.

Another incident that seems to prove that MGA’s wife quit Ahmadiyya
From the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 682

[Urdu] Wife turned back. This is called apostasy. Our last hour.

[Notebook of the Revelations of the Promised Messiahas, p. 32]

Ak Shaikh’s video on this topic

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