We recently found a testimony on the a reddit forum by a young ahmadi girl.  Judge for yourself..

The testimony

One thing that pisses me off is inequality in Ahmadiyya, I’m at point where I don’t care about purdah or any of that crap. Guys get to dress whatever way they want they don’t have to wear a thick ass purka in the summer when it’s 35 degrees out. A woman could literally be dying because she’s heat stroke in a purka and all these jammatty woman and men talk and say stuff like “ oh look that woman isn’t wearing a purka she’s going to hell”.

Another thing that pisses me off is how men are aloud to read speeches in front of woman but woman aren’t aloud to read speeches to men in the Jalsa Salana. When u confront them and straight say that they say “ oh it’s so men don’t get distracted or they don’t get attracted to u or give u a dirty stare and look at u more as an object then person.

The whole purka thing is so annoying. I myself am a girl and I have to wear a purka but I don’t wear it on a daily basis only at Jalsas and Eid and such events. Ripped jeans are becoming very popular and are very in (fashion) I myself never really pictured myself wearing ripped clothing, but as I got older I started liking ripped jeans more and more. One day I was at a local mall looking for new jeans, I came across a pair of disstressed/ripped black denim and tbh I thought it looked sick and it was only disstressed on the knee. As me and my mother were browsing around for pants I saw them and I said these look nice and mom replied and said “their nice but their rippped on the knees” I replied and said so what” my mom said “ so what besharam, ripped jeans are banned in Islam”. Ever since that day I’ve started liking ripped jeans more but of course my mom would never change her mind. Tbh i myself think that there’s nothing wrong with wearing ripped jeans but because of my faith I can’t express myself threw my clothing which is a big disappointment. I’m religious in some ways like I believe in the book I believe in Hadhrat Muhammad and I read my namaz as much as possible, because of religion I can’t express myself and I hate it I honestly hate the feeling.

Another thing that triggers me is how I can’t marry a guy that’s not ahmadi. As I get older I sometimes thing about university and school and my love life. I wanna meet a guy who loves me truly and will never break my heart and someone who’s not uneducated someone who’s stylish and overall smart. My mom says that she doesn’t want me to do an arranged marriage she wants me to pick the guy my self but make sure he’s ahmadi, now that’s the part the recks everything, the guy has to be Ahmadi. Now u tell me how am I suppose to find a guy I love with all these qualities to be an ahemdi, I’ll be honest I don’t wanna marrry a white guy I wanna marry a Muslim guy but someone who’s not “AHMADI”. The problem is my parents and most of my family in general are super jammaty and they’ll freak if they find out that I wanna marry a Muslim guy who’s not ahmadi, but I feel like my mom would be mad at first but then understand and be okay with my decision.

I know most of the stuff I stated is kinda off topic but the truth is I have a lot on mind right now and I wanna pore it out and see what people will say or how people will respond to this. I’ll make this loud and clear for everyone, people who blindfully follow this shit are stupid and are wasting their time with Ahmadiyya. When I was younger I’m talking like a few years ago 11-12 year old me, I was pretty jammatty and listened to my parents a lot about religion, to this day I only listen to stuff that’s related with Islam not Ahemdiayya just Islam in general, like reading the Quran and believing the Quran and reading my daily prayers and Namaz, someone people might say that I don’t listen to my parents I’ll be totally honestly, I do listen to them but I only listen to the important stuff, the stuff that will help me live my life the right way and just being a good human being in general.

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