You will hear Ahmadi’s always tell each other to never shake hands with the opposite sex.  Growing up as an Ahmadi, my father told my sister’s that if they shook hands with the school principal while graduating, he would basically kill them.  This as my father, who was a fanatical Ahmadi.

In this photo
Dr. Salam is shaking hands with Ms. Margit Dirac, she was the widow of the famous Paul Dirac, with whom Salam was fast friends with for many years.  See the original photo here:

Read about Salam in-depth here

At the recent USA Jalsa, Mansoor Qureshi told Ahmadi’s to never shake hands with the opposite sex, thus endorsing the Ahmadiyya policy
At the 9:55 mark

Mansoor Qureshi calls shaking hands with women as a Satanic temptation
We have sent this essay to him and asked him to comment on Dr. Salam, which is fair, however, he won’t.

Mansoor Qureshi also mentions lowering the gaze
In the same speech, he talks about lowering a person’s gaze, per the quran.  He mentions how Muslim men shouldn’t look directly into the eyes of women.  However, in the pic posted in the above, Dr. Salam always made eye contact.

MGA’s eyes?
MGA wasn’t lowering his gaze.  His eyes were always like that, which indicates his drug use, read about it here:

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