Most Ahmadiyya arguments are silly and misleading. We have exposed many.  In today’s edition, we have decided to write about a famous ahmadi argument which claims that Esa (as) aka Jesus (as) can’t be in heaven, because he needs to eat and he would be 2000 years old by now.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________No one needs food in heaven, nor will anyone age

Chapter 20 verse 115
“””And indeed We made a covenant with Adam before, but he forgot, and We found on his part no firm willpower.) (116. And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves to Adam.” They prostrated themselves (all) except Iblis; he refused.) (117. Then We said: “O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, so that you will be distressed.”) (118. “You will never be hungry therein nor naked.”) (119. “And you (will) suffer not from thirst therein nor from the sun’s heat.”) (120. Then Shaytan whispered to him, saying: “O Adam! Shall I lead you to the Tree of Eternity and to a kingdom that will never waste away”) (121. Then they both ate of the Tree, and so their private parts became manifest to them, and they began to cover themselves with the leaves of the Paradise for their covering. Thus Adam disobeyd his Lord, so he went astray.) (122. Then his Lord chose him, and turned to him with forgiveness, and gave him guidance.)”””
Another Ahmadiyya argument ripped to pieces

Another one. There are many other verses that prove these points. Another verse talks about time travel and etc. Feel free to look those up. Also, in heaven, humans can eat if they wish, since rivers of milk, honey and alcohol will be readily available, however, human’s won’t need the nourishment. Heaven is most likely a parallel universe wherein the laws of physics don’t apply.
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