Dear readers, we found lots of data on the Khilafat of Noorudin and many issues that popped up in the summer of 1912. In the below, we have given the Badr of July 4th, 1912 and a full translation. We have archived lots of other references from the Al-badr also, see here. We have also posted a reference from July 11th, 1912.
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Al Badr 4 July 1912
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The full translation

AlBadr 4 July 1912
It says “Editor Muhammad Sadiq”. But it is compiled by Sheikh Yaqoob Ali.

1: Speech of Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih,
2: In Ahmadiyya Buildings Lahore.
3: Compiled by Sheikh Yakub Ali Sahib, Editor Alhakam.
4: Special for correction and tarbiayat of Jamaat.
5: It is published with the approval of Khalifatul Masih.

Title: Discussion on Khilafat.

NO 1
Through our king Hazrat Masih Maood, Allah with His grace has made you into ONE. after
Muhammad Rasool Allah SAW. After his (mirza ghulam) death He (Allah) saved you from
dispersion (tafurka) and gathered you on my hand. Be grateful for this blessing and stop getting
into lame discussions (fazool behas). Even today I heard, someone said, that there is a huge
dissension (Ikhtilaf) in the khilafat. Right was of someone else and it was given to someone else. I said that go and TELL a (rafzee) {i have looked up dictionary and the meaning of rafzee is: heretic, schismatic, dissenter, (one of shiite dissenting sect} khilafat was the right of Ali and Abu Bakr took it.

NO 2
I do not see you getting any moral or spiritual (akhlaqi or ruhani) benefit by these discussions.
Allah made khalifa to whom he wanted and He (Allah) made you bow your necks (surrender) for
him. After Allah,s act, if you still behave like fools, then it is big foolishness.

NO 3
I have told you dozens of times, and have showed you from the Quran, to appoint a khalifa is not human deed but it is deed of God. Who made Adam Khalifa? Allah did, He said in the Quran, “I made Khalifa on the Earth” Angels objected on this khalafat of Adam and said, that he will be
mischief monger in (mufasid fil earth) the Earth, but they (angels) did not reap any fruit by
forwarding objections. You can read in the Quran that in the end they had to bow (perform sajda) to Adam. So if any one who raise objections about me, and even if that person is an angel, still i will tell him, IT IS BETTER FOR YOU TO BOW TO THE KHILAFAT OF ADAM. If they want to become liblees being arrogant (abaa aor istikbar), then you must remember the fruit Iblis reaped by opposing Adam. I tell you again, if anyone in the guis of an angle raise objections against my Khalifat, obedient side of his nature will bring him towards “sajda to adam”, and if he is Iblis, then he will exit himself from this court. The other Khalifa was David (daoud) “o Doud surly we made you Khalifa on this earth, Quran”, Daoud was appointed Khalifa by God. Anarchists opposed him (Daoud) to an extent, they attacked his fort. God appointed him, agitators did not see a good result by opposing him. Then Allah appointed Abu Bakr and Umar as khalifas, rafzee (heretic, schismatic, dissenter, one of shiite dissenting sect) on those khalafats, beating their chests (maatam) till the present. Do you not see that hundreds and thousands of people send Darood on Abu Bakr and Umar. I SWEAR BY ALLAH AND TELL THAT GOD HAS MADE ME KHALIFA TOO.

NO 4
This is THE mosque which has delighted my heart. I prayed a lot for people who created it and
given financial help. I rest assured that my prayers have reached the heavens (arsh). So standing in this mosque has delighted me, and I get happiness coming to this mosque (out of many other) in this city. I reveal it to you that, Allah appointed khalifas, Adam, Daoud, Abu Bakr and Umar, the same He has made me khalifa.

NO 5
If anyone says that the Anjuman has made me the Khalifa, is a lier. These type of thoughts leads to destruction and must refrain from those thoughts. Listen to me again, any human or Anjuman has NOT made me khalifa, nor i take that Anjuman is capable of appointing a Khalifa. So no Anjuman has appointed me, nor i give monkeys of anjuman making it, and i do not spit on Anjuman leaving khalafat. It is not in any one,s power to snatch the reign of Khalifat from me.
Now the question arises, who is the rightful owner of khalifat? There is ONE most beloved
Mahmoud, who is the son of my Master and benevolent. Another one could be Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan (son in law of mirza ghulam, as he was married to Mubaraka eldest daughter of MGA) or another one could be Mir Nasir Nawab as the father in law (of MGA) or is it of Umul Moumaneen (Nusrat) who is wife of Hazrat Sahib. These are the only people who could be the right full owners. What a strange thing that people (general public) who argue/discuss about Khlafat and say, THAT THERE (above list) RIGHT HAS TAKEN BY SOMEONE ELSE, they do not think as much that, all these people (the ones mentioned above) are all obedient to me and they have not put forward their claim in front of me. I WAS VERY SADDENED BY ONE SENTENCE IN ALBADR, THAT NON OF MIRZA SAHIB,S RELATIVE ARE MUREEDS OF NOOR UDDIN. A BIG MISTAKE IS DONE. ALL THE SIBLINGS OF MIRZA SAHIBS ARE FAITHFUL TO ME BY HEARTS. I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, THE AMOUNT OF OBEDIENCE SHOWED BY MY BELOVED MAHMOOD, BASHIR, SHARIF, NAWAB NASIR AND NAWAB MOHD ALI KHAN, NONE OF YOU SHOW.

NO 6
I am not just saying it but I announce the reality, that they all (above mentioned people) love me for the sake of Allah. I have heard tens of times from Beevi Sahib (nusrat) that I am your loundi. It was the duty of the editor of Albadr (mufti sadiq), to reject this type of narrative (in his paper) and must have said that it is a lie. Mian Mahmoud is mature and ask him as to if he is my true obedient. A fault finder person can criticise and say that he (mirza mahmood is not TRUE OBEDIENT but no, i know for sure that he is my true obedient, and obedient just like Ali Fatima and Abaas took bait of Abu Bakr. EVEN MORE THAN THAT khandaan of mirza sahib has shown obedience to me. Every single one of them is devoted to me. I can never envisage any suspicion that they have any doubts about me. Listen, i never had an ambition to become khalifa. The time when i was not mureed of Mirza sahib, my dress was still the same (he is saying that i used to wear the same clothes and this khilafat has not gone to my head, and i have not changed). I visited the rich/high status people, and i earned high respect from them,but my dress/clothes were like these. When i became mureed, i stayed the same. what happened after the death of mirza sahib (means he got institution of khilafat) done by Allah alone. I did not have this in my wildest dreams or imaginations, Allah chose with his prudence and will. He made me your Imam and khalifa. The people YOU in your thoughts, you think were the rightful owners, are also obedient to me (Allah made them bow their heads for me). who are you to raise objections now, if you are objecting, then go and object on Allah. I also warn you not to disrespectful to Allah. This paper, which has published this wrong event/thing must seek forgiveness/apology (talaafi kerni chahiyay). It should publish this apology after asking my beloved mahmood and his brothers (is akhbar ki his nay aiysaa ghalat waqia likha
hai, ab bhi talafee kerni chahiya. Aour aiysay tour kay hamaray piyaray mahmood aour us kay
bahioyon say pooch ker talafee karay, my take on this is that noordin is scared of mahmood and brothers, he wants the apology after consulting them). I am not a bootlicker (khoshamdi) to anyone and i do not need anyones salami. I do not begger of your financial help and seek refuge in Allah, that this kind of thought would come in my imaginations. Allah has granted me his deepest hidden treasure and no person has knowledge of it. My wife and children are not dependent on any of you (so he was talking about financial benefits) Allah only provide their sustenance. you could never support (financially) anyone. Listen who wants to hear, and listen good. The one who does not want to listen, listeners (the one who have listened) can give them the message. To object that khilafat is not gone to the rightful who deserved it, is the thought of rafzee (heretics). Seek forgiveness on that (touba ker low). Allah in his wisdom, has bestowed khilafat on the one, He thought deserved (huqdaar) it. And whoever opposes it, is a liar and a transgressor (fasiq). Become like angels and take the position of obedience. Do not be like Iblees.

NO 7
In the last issue of alBadr, an article was published under the name of “narrative about the
khandaan of Hazart Mirza Sahib, and readers have already read it. We have already made it clear that it was the translation from an English book, written by an English Author. At the end of the article, there was a sentence. It was necessary/important to refute it properly in detail there and then, in that issue. I am very sorry for overlooking this, not much was explained at the time but a mere small remark. That sentence is as follows: “Khalifa of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a famous Hakim moulvy Noor Uddin, who was employed by the Maharaja of Kashmir for few years. None of the relatives of Ghulam Ahmad are his followers”. Mufti sadiq explains: All knowing and all seeing Allah is my witness, while I was putting this article in the akhbar (albdr) I thought by the word peer, the author (book punjab chiefs) means the followers of Mirza Ghulam. And I thought that, the author is referring to Mirza Ghulam’s ancestral relatives who did not accept him as Masih. According to my information this was wrong, so i refuted it in introduction of that paper and said “some of Hazart Sahibs relative were included in his flock
(some relatives accepted his claim)”.

NO 8
From the above dialogue, it could mean, none of the Mirza Sahib’s relatives do not follow the
present Imam of Ahmadi Jamaat, Hazrat khalifa tul Masih Moulvi Hakim Noor uddin. Reading these words, that is what it looks like. The fact is that, I had not witnessed it on a daily basis and was far from truth (that all the relatives of Mirza Ghulam do not follow Noor uddin) it was a lie and false talk so my mind did not go in that direction (that it could mean Noor uddin and not Mirza Ghulam). BY WRITING THIS, I am making it clear, that if the author meant, that nabuwat and masihiyat of Mirza sahib was rejected by his ancestral relatives, that is not entirely true either. Sunnat e Ambiya (tradition) tells/reveals to us that close relatives (of Nabis) very few of them, accepts/follow them (go against prophets of Allah). Sayings of Hazrat Eisa reveals to us that , a Nabi can never get acknowledgement/respected in his own country. The reality is that SOME RELATIVES of Mirza sahib and MANY MUGHALS of qadian have become his mureeds in his lifetime. The narration (in english book) clearly shows that relatives of Mirza Sahib are not the followers of Moulvi Noor uddin, this is a blatant lie. Wife of Hazart Mirza Sahib marhoum, his sons, father in law and son in law were all mureeds of mirza sahib. They all (above mentioned people) without exception believe (yaqeen aur Iman rakhtay hain) in Hazart Moulvy Sahib as khalifatul Masih. Also some of those ancestral relatives who did not become (the word mureed is used) followers of Mirza Sahib in his lifetime, have repented (taken touba) at the hands of hkhalifatul Masih and have entered the silsila Ahmadiyya. Ahl e bait (the ones who took bait with mirza ghulam) of Hazart Mirza Sahib has special sincerity towards Hazart Moulvi Sahib. The display the highest degree of love and obedience is shown by umul Moumaineen (nusrat), sahibzada Bashir Mahmood and his brothers and Nawab Muhammed Ali khan and hazert Mir Nasir Nawab, there is no example before. All these people are first of Momins (awal ul momaineen) of Khalifat e Awal. Not only I observe but the whole world is watching this that all these people are ready to sacrifice their lives for Khalifatul Masih at all times. May Allah grant ALL the jamaat to follow their example (paak namoona) pious/ devout path. I do not know, should I relate this mistake of mine, to inefficiency, or blame it on my poor knowledge and ignorance, as all these weakness are present in me. But truth of the matter is, it is result of my bad deeds (shaamat e amaal) shortcoming. I was negligent of not explaining in detail, in the last issue. (here is an ayat quoted: rubay Inee zalumto nafsee zulmun kaseeran wa trufto bay zumbee faghfirly zanoobee fa inaa hoo la yaghfayruzanoob ilaa antaa). I ask forgiveness
from all my benevolent seniors and albadr readers that my nabkaree (in dictionary it means,
useless, worthless and good for nothing) was reason for their pain and distress. I seek forgiveness and your sincere prayers. as this paper was already ready for printing, we are publishing this page separate as Zamima. We are also distributed separately too (he is saying that we will distribute this page separately too, if readers do not have it with the original akhbar). I will also publish this article in the next Akhbar insha Allah (so they did). All readers know that I am the editor of this Akhbar, but it is also edited by others in my absence. So to make it transparent, I was the only one responsible for this sordid affair. With this apology I am signing this too.
July 11th, 1912
Badr, 11 July 1912

“This is an indication of rafidi [anti-Khilafat] tendencies that you bring this up. You ought to complain to God why he chose a Khalifa from Bhera. Some ask, ‘What does a Khalifa even do? He teaches children’ […] Some say that he is in love with books and remains indulged in reading. Blame me of as much incapability as you like; they will only be directed towards the God Who chose me to be the Khalifa.” 

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