I am writing this entry as I refute the silly counter argument by the unofficial website  Razi, who is the only author of the website seems to have seen my argument many months ago and then wrote a response.  However, in his response, he contradicts himself many times, practices academic dishonesty and refuses to comment on the the most credible witness and report.  He then quotes 3 references from Seeratul Mahdi and then doesn’t comment on them at all, nor does he highlight any text from these references.  In the below, I will give the timeline of arguments on this topic, as well as the Ahmadi spin doctors and their methodology.

1903 era
By 1903, it was obvious that MGA was not leading any prayers at Qadian or anywhere else.  In fact, look at these references:

Malfuzat from 1903
It should be noted, this volume of Malfuzat was Published in Rabwah, 1961, in Urdu, covering the period from November 1901 to October 14, 1902 (see page xl).

Malfoozat 21-oct-1903 . Vol. 3 by Mirza Ghulam Ahamd Qadyani (also reported in Al-badar ) says

“Regarding leading in prayers , one guy question that why hazrat do not lead the prayers ? Answered that it is written in hadees that Maseeh that has to come will pray behind others “

The scans

Another reference that proves that MGA never led Salaat

(Malfoozat, Volume 2, Page 211-212)

“”Look, we also take advantage of this leniency as it has been almost two months that we have been combining the prayers. This is because of the reason of my sickness, and because of the writing of the commentary of Surah Fatiha. In the combining of these prayers, the hadith وَتُجْمَعُ لَهُ الصَّلاةُ is being fulfilled which means that the prayers will be combined for the sake of The Promised Messiahas. From this we also infer that at the time of The Promised Messiahas, he will not lead the prayers, but it will be someone else.This Imam will combine the prayers for the sake of The Promised Messiahas, and this is what is happening today. The days we cannot come due to increased sickness, the prayers are combined during these days and we infer from the words of this hadith that it was through love that The Holy Prophetsaw said that ‘it will happen for his sake’. It should be that we look upon the prophecies of The Holy Prophetsaw with great respect and importance and should not be careless of them, otherwise it is will be of great sin that we look down upon the prophecies of The Holy Prophetsaw. God Almighty created the reason by which the prayers were being combined for so long, otherwise this would only be for two days and it would not be a sign. We respect every world and letter of The Holy Prophetsaw. “”

The earliest sources prove that it was common knowledge to all ahmadi’s who visited Qadian, that MGA didn’t lead any salat, nor did he ever lead a Friday Sermon.  
This is proven.  Then, we have the tesimony from MGA’s wife:
pdf page 20 of 296
Narration no. 19

” My mother narrated to me that mgaq got first attack of dizziness and hysteria few days after the death of Bashir 1 (we had an elder brother who died in 1888). While sleeping he got choked and then condition woresned but that attack was light. Then after some time (few days) he went out saying that I am not feeling well today. Mother said after some time sheikh Hamid Ali ( he was an old sincere servent of mgaq, he is dead now) knocked at the door and asked for a pitcher of hot water. Mother said, I knew that mgaq’s condition is worsened, so I asked a maid to ask him (sh hamid) about mgaq’s condition. Sh Hamid Ali said its bad. I went inside the mosque and saw mgaq lying. I went near him he said- I m not feeling well. I was praying and saw something black raised in front of me and went up to sky. Then I screamed and fell down and became like fainted. Mother says that after that he started getting these attacks on REGULAR BASIS. This humble one asked what was attack like, she said that his hands and feet got cold, body nerves got shrunk specially neck’s and then dizziness started. In that condition, he was unable to support his body. In the beginning, these attacks / seizures were svere but later on there was no such severity and he became used to that.

Humble one asked, did he ever get any problem with his head? Mother said, before he used to get nominal headache attacks. Humble one asked, did he use to lead the prayers, mother said yes, but due to attacks he stopped. Humble one states that was before the claim of being Massiah. ”

Razi totally ignores these references
In classic Ahmadi fashion, the owner of the ahmadi.answers website doesn’t even consider this data when he wrote his essay.  That is academic dishonesty.

Another important quote which proves that MGA never led salat

The Quote
“””Stated to me by Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail that once Due to some reasons Molvi Abdul Karim could not lead the prayers, Molvi Nooruddin was also not present, so Hazrat Sahab ( MGAQ) asked Hakeem Fazluddin to lead the prayer. Hakeem Fazluddin excused to offer the services by saying how can i lead the prayer when huzur know that i have been suffering from PILES and can,t maintain my ablution (WAZU) due to gaseous emissions all the time. Huzur asked hakeem Fazluddin, are your prayers valid despite the problem? He said yes they are valid. Then lead the prayer , our prayer will also be valid said hazrat sahab”””

The scan work


Razi mentions three references from Seeratul Mahdi
Sirat-ul-Mahdi Volume 1 Page 15
…”I was leading the prayers when…”

Sirat ul Mahdi, volume 1, Page 21
 “…(someone) relates that once when Maulvi Sahib (Nuruddin r.a.) had left Qadian, I came for Maghrib salaat, whereupon I saw the Promised Messiah a.s. himself leading the prayer. … Hadhrat Sahib recited two short Surahs but people were crying out of (the) melting & sorrow (in their hearts) …”

Sirat ul Mahdi, Volume 1, Page 530—

” p. 530 states: in the beginning, the Promised Messiah a.s. used the lead the salaat himself in Masjid Mubarak. One person would stand on his right side, & only 4-5 followers could stand behind…”

What do these 3 references prove?
Firstly, the data in inconclusive and is presented out of context.  We don’t what years these are referring to.  These could be before 1888 and hence, it proves our point that MGA never led salat after 1888.  Before 1888, we agree that MGA may have accidentally led salat in front of 4-5 people (his inner circle), wherein MGA’s speech was unintelligible and no one dared to say anything to him.  MGA was not a proper imam and that’s why he appointed Abdul Karim and Noorudin as Imam’s.

The hadith that Razi presents
Firstly, this entire argument comes from the old ahmadi sources, not Razi.  Further, it is academic dishonesty to use this argument, i.e. that MGA didn’t lead salat because of hadith.  We are not denying that MGA may have led salat before 1888 in front of kids or old people.  The reality is that Esa (as) when he would descend would be ignorant of Arabic, and the quran, hence, he would be asked to lead salat and he would defer.  Esa (as) and the Mahdi are 2 separate people per 99% of islamic scholars.  The Mahdi would be an Arab with a good command of Arabic and a wonderful voice.  Ahmadiyya leaders are mixing the true purport of a hadith and twisting it to cover-up the fact that MGA was high on opium all day and was incapable of leading salat or even teaching Islam to his own children.  In fact, at Qadian, people would visit and mistake Abdul Karim as MGA, since Abdul Karim would lead the salat with MGA on his right side.

MGA led salat with someone on his right side?
Sirat ul Mahdi, Volume 1, Page 530 and other references seem to indicate that MGA would stand to the right of the imam, and thus give the impression that he was leading salat, when in reality, he wasn’t.  If you look closely at the small prayer hall in masjid mubarak, you will notice that the place for the imam actually has place for 2 people, and MGA would regularly find himself to the right of whomever was leading the salat.

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