The Ahmadiyya Movement lies about all of their operations. We caught them about 6-7 years ago as owning companies that were mentioned in the Panama Papers. The Ahmadiyya Movement will never officially admit as to why they stored money overseas in Panama. However, they did unofficially respond on Rabwah Times, they argued that since the Pakistani government is hostile to their operations in Pakistan, they did in-fact store money overseas in off-shore companies. Recently, on the Waqar Zaka show, an Ahmadi appeared and admitted again that the Ahmadiyya Movement did in-fact store money overseas in Panama (See at the 1:53:53 mark). This Ahmadi continued to argue that since in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya movement isn’t allowed to build mosques and etc, and other work, they were forced to store all of their money overseas. However, this is a lie, the Ahmadiyya movement builds and maintains hospitals in Pakistan and is running their small city (Chenab Nagar). When Akber C asked as to why an off shore company called TJ holdings was holding the mortgage on an office property in London (for 15 years), the Ahmadi’s brain totally turned off (see at the 1:53:00 mark), in 2010, we wondered who had a mortgage on an Ahmadiyya property on Deer Park Drive; the only substantial building that is not a place of worship and the mortgage of which is always renewed after a few years. The company was known as T.J. Holdings and nothing was known of it. It is now located in the Panama Papers:

T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,,PMA,Panama,,A B ARSHAD. He also had no answer in terms of who controls the Mirza Sharif Ahmad foundation.
All the chanda money from Pakistan gets sent to London?

We know all the money gets sent to London, when the money gets sent back to Pakistan, there is where the fraud is happening, they have been taking this money and storing it overseas.
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