Watch my video on this herein, and my Tik Tok and instagram. MGA was so far gone, he endorsed an idea wherein european prostitutes should be brought in to service the British soldiers who were toiling in India. Arya Darham is the same book that contains sexual poetry and etc. In this same book, MGA wrote about the child-marriage of Aisha and many other related topics. The Arya Samaj hindus seem to have written an analysis of the marriages of Muhammad (saw). MGA and his team responded with “The Arya Religion” (1895). The second edition of this book was published in 1903. This was a small part in the overall beef that MGA started with the Arya Samaj in the early 1880’s. Lekh Ram came soon thereafter. In this book, MGA complained that his God and prophet were being unnecessarily ridiculed and it should be against the law, however, MGA himself insulted the God of Christians in this very book, in fact, he used Hindu writings vs. Jesus Christ as he called him a drunkard and a fornicator.
In this book, MGA seems to have endorsed the concept of Nikah-Muta and abrogation. Arya Dharam comprises of pages 1–110 in RK-10. It seems that MGA and his team of writers wrote that Adam (as) was the first man on Earth in this book. However, by 1908, he seems to have changed his position, either that or Ahmadi’s edited, in Malfuzat (published in the 1970’s from Rabwah), it is written how MGA had a conversation with English scholar of Astronomy, Professor Wragge and said that Adam (as) wasn’t the first man.

It should be also noted that MGA allowed money from prostitutes to be given in the way of Islam.

In this book, MGA specifically quoted the Akhbar-e-‘Am of Nov 9th, 1895, page 72. He mentioned the Kanoon Dikhay (Law of Inspection), he was referring to the recent passing of the Cantonment Act of 1895, which essentially stopped the British government from testing prostitutes for sexual diseases. In the late 1930’s, Dr. Basharat Ahmad agreed that MGA was saying that as a last resort it would be OK for the British to bring european prostitutes to service their soldiers (See Mujadid-e-Azim), however, about 15 years later, in Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 1, the Qadiani-Ahmadi disagreed and claimed that Dr. Basharat Ahmad was wrong (see the scan in the below, which is from the 2007 edition of Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyya.

John Davenport was mentioned in this book too. He seems to be an author who wrote about the marriages of Muhammad (saw).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote
Roohani Khaziyan 10- page 75- Arya darham
Ruhani Khazain Vol 10 pages 69 to 75

“””One bad charactered woman had the fear that if she adopts bad profession she have to bear the hard Test of law. So many women used to save their life to be distorted under this fear. In this age when the way of showing is closed (he might mean that open sex activity is closed), the advertisement of boosting sexual (activity) are so much advertised is enough prove that in this time the disease of sex is so much spread. Firstly we are so much against this wrongful sect but in this time when morality and being religious is so much weak, to expect that this devil sect will terminate itself, is useless. That is why it is necessary that such a law should be made that people should not be able to destroy their morality, religion and health for ever, and that law should be a law only. We will be very thankful if that Law is again made In india and promulgated but the stipulation is must that for the (white people) goora people, european prostitutes must be provided. (I am) hopeful that government of India and contemporary people will listen and think over it . “””


Another relevant quote

REF: Arya dharam RK 10 page 73-74 pdf 75-76

”According to my suggestion, if I European hoers are provided for European soldiers, then, firstly there will be no risk of syphilis (VD) because perhaps these no such disease exists in Europe, secondly, they will be examined by desi doctors at the time of selection like any soldier. By this, there will be no need of medical exams anymore as both the parties will be free of disease and this will be a good arrangement to satisfy the soldiers’ sexual desires without the need of law of internal examination.

No one can deny the fact that, like in India there are prostitutes in England. Therefore, there will be no difficulty in arranging this. Rather, I am certain that European civilized prostitutes will gladly offer their services to keep the brave soldiers happy. And for the huge expenses that will incur on bringing them to and from India, the Indian citizens will feel no burden. When they pay huge amounts for military expenses, they will not disagree to pay this additional amount. Rather this will save the honor of Indian unfortunate women and brave British soldiers will stay happy and healthy.”

Arya Dharam, random quotes
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________1940, Mujadid e Azim by Dr. Basharat Ahmad, abridged online english edition   

“”””Protest against the statute prescribing medical examination
The British Government had allowed brothels in the military cantonments to service the needs of British soldiers. In order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the prostitutes were required to undergo medical examinations periodically. Later, under pressure from the puritanical elements of the British society, the compulsory medical examinations were made illegal. With the change of government in London, a movement was started to restore the medical exams and the London Times wrote several articles in its support. When Hazrat Mirza learned of this, he published a notice in which he drew the attention of the
government to the fact that it was only in Islam that fornication had been declared wrong and sinful under all circumstances. He petitioned the government to find ways to maintain the morals of its soldiers and to stop them from fornicating, but if this could not be done, then the government should import British prostitutes for the Britons. Indian women should not be used to satisfy the lasciviousness of the British soldiers.”””

2007, via Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyya

The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s claim that Dr. Basharat Ahmad was mistaken when he said that MGA petitioned for european prostitutes to be brought as a last resort. The first edition of this history book is missing (1953, for volume-1), we are relying on the 2007 edition.

The scan, 


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