Recently, an Ahmadi-convert made headlines for winning an Oscar award. Which was only done by the hollywood elite as they continue to promote “being gay” in hollywood, as well as for ratings, in fact, they staged another accident in prize distribution this year in similar fashion.  I don’t discriminate on anyone, and ive met many gay people, that is fine, no issues. I also wanted to highlight that acting in movies could be an unacceptable profession for Muslims. Again, I couldn’t care less, I only write to explain the facts and to explain ahmadiyya theories to the world. One more thing, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad specifically wanted europeans prostitutes to be given to British soldiers in India.

Who was this follower of MGA? Uptil 1896, there was only one Ahmadi from Ambala, Babu Muhammad Bakhsh, Head Clerk, Ambala Cantt.(see Dard).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Does the Ahmadi Khalifa accept Mehershalla’s money as chanda?

Mahershalla is an honest hard working man. Much respect. However, what are the rules for people who giving alms, zakaat or sadqa in islamic theory? To be fair, I live in the USA, we follow the US constitution in these matters, however, some ultra-religious follow the opinions of their religious leaders. However, what happens if a person sells drugs and tries to give his money to the Ahmadiyya movement? Or any non-profit corporation in the USA? Well, its irrelevant, since non-profits dont care where the money comes from. Nor are there any regulations by the govt. which make a non-profit ask.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________What has Mirza Masroor Ahmad written about alms/charity from illegal means?

He is strategically silent, he is smart. Most of his policies have been silent, and rightly so, we all still remember when he banned Facebook.

What did MGA write about alms/charity being paid by prostitutes and etc?
Seeratul mahdi, part 1, quotation no, 272 , page 243 

“””Once a person from Ambala took a fatwa (verdict) from Hazrat Sb (i.e mirza Qadyani ).That my sister was a prostitute. She earned a lot of Money in this condition, then she died. I got her inheritance, but later on God gave me chance to repent and rectification. What should I do with the money? Hazrat sb (i.e mirza qadyani) replied in my opinion such a money can be spend in the service of Islam .””””
MGA, Mufti Sadiq and opera houses in the 1800’s

“””Once Munshi Zafar complained about mufti Muhammad sadiq (who use to sleep on same bed due to small size of munshi Zafar ) to mirza ghulam ahamd qadyani , in absence of Muhammad Sadiq that he has gone to theatre . Mirza qadyani replied that ” I have also gone once It is to see what happens there . And he said nothing more”””Reference: page 18 – zikry habib written by qadyani Murrabi and shaahabiii mufti Muhammad Sadiq .

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