This is an interesting book, we haven’t totally evaluated it yet. However, it seems to have lots of controversial information. MGA wrote about the child-marriage of Aisha and many other related topics. The Arya Samaj hindus seem to have written an analysis of the marriages of Muhammad (saw). MGA and his team responded with “The Arya Religion” (1895). The second edition of this book was published in 1903. This was a small part in the overall beef that MGA started with the Arya Samaj in the early 1880’s. Lekh Ram came soon thereafter. In this book, MGA complained that his God and prophet were being unnecessarily ridiculed and it should be against the law, however, MGA himself insulted the God of Christians in this very, in fact, he used Hindu writings vs. Jesus Christ as he called him a drunkard and a fornicator.

In this book, MGA seems to have endorsed the concept of Nikah-Muta and abrogation. Arya Dharam comprises of pages 1–110 in RK-10. It seems that MGA and his team of writers wrote that Adam (as) was the first man on Earth in this book. However, by 1908, he seems to have changed his position, either that or Ahmadi’s edited, in Malfuzat (published in the 1960’s from Rabwah), it is written how MGA had a conversation with English scholar of Astronomy, Professor Wragge and said that Adam (as) wasn’t the first man.

It should be also noted that MGA allowed money from prostitutes to be given in the way of Islam._____________________________________________________________________________________________
Some quotes

Page 1

We thank God who is Kareem and Raheem a thousand times, who sent a Holy Book like Quran Majeed and Revered Khatam-ul-Anbiya chief of earlier and the later for reforming the world and taught humanity again to barbaric men filled the hearts of millions with light of Imaan and good deeds. When we ponder on what was considered Religion before Islam and what deeds were considered desirable then we appreciate the countless blessings of Islam. Who does not know that the beliefs of deeds of other religions are all detestable and shameful. They don’t depict the true God in their books Who is evident in the surrounding nature but present a new and artificial God that is made up of their thoughts. Thus some consider humans as their God and some bow before stones and some don’t believe in the God in the first place. And there are some who accept God but don’t consider Him Creator of soul and matter and Provider and Initiator of all blessings. But they consider every living being protector of itself and every soul benefactor of its powers. Even they consider the life of every insect as Old and Original and existing by itself in a manner that it does not God for its survival and

Page 2

are ignorant of the Perfect and Light of the lights other than Whom no being is real. Alas these people don’t think that is He Who is the Originator of every blessing, Sustainer of every life, Pillar of every power and Supporter of every being. And by these meanings we are compelled to accept this God. So it is his benevolence and blessing that He found the word in darkness, ignorance and incomprehension and sent a light. The light, whose name is Muhammad (peace be upon him) came to this world, and the holy word of God, Holy Quran was bestowed upon him and he guided us to the paths of theoretical and practical piety. So countless blessings and prayers on that magnificent prophet and his followers and companions who pulled millions out of darkness and saved from filthy beliefs, shameful deeds and detestable traditions.

اللھم صل علیہ و الہ و بارک و سلم امین

The reason for writing this short pamphlet is that long long ago I heard that Pandit Diyanand is emphasizing in his books that people must practice the tradition of nyog in their wives, daughters and daughters-in-law. I did not took these seriously and thought it would have been a mere allegation of opponents. How is it possible that noble people will ask their chaste women to have sex with other males just for the desire of kids. But very secretly I kept on asking the Ariyas that what is this. They used to plainly refuse but I observed that some shame was evident from their faces, like they are facing a great amount of embarrassment. However, it was not enough for may to express an opinion based upon only such connotations. In the meanwhile, in 1886 or 1887, I found a periodical of some Brahman that he wrote with reference to Sathiarath Parkash about Niyog. It was clearly written in this periodical that, for the sake of children, a woman, having alive husbandfootnote: Our purposes of writing this paper are only two, (1) how can such a book, i.e., Vedas that has so filthy contents, can be from God? (2) that the people of this country should be cautioned and avoid such sinful rituals. Further, the government which has forbidden Sati and Jal Parwa for the physical welfare of the country, should  ban such a dirty custom to promote civilization.

Page 3

perform Niyog. That means that she can have sexual intercourse with another person till the time she gets pregnancy from a stranger. I have read this paper with great attention but the truth is that I did not believe in that write up. I thought may be this paper is distributed by Pandit Agni Hotri and I have been hearing that there is great animosity between him and the Ariyas. So may be Pandit Sb would have exaggerated because of the hostility.  But when I see references from Satiarath Parkash in it my thoughts get tilted to the fact that how is it possible that a reliable person will take a blame because of fake references. Nevertheless, I could not make a satisfactory decision. Then I came to know through a newspaper about some renowned Pandits of Calcutta who are very aggressive supporter of Niyog. But even then I thought that Calcutta is very far from us so some journalist might have added some fabrication into it. Finally, it came to my heart that we should listen to the books of Pundit Diyanand by ourselves. Moreover, it was considered fair that if Mr Diyanand has given just his personal opinion and have not given any reference of Vedas then there cannot be a real blame on Ariya religion. Vedas will only be condemned  if that dirty teaching is is also find in the book which is considered divine. So I made this criterion and arranged books of Mr Diyanand. As it is heard that the first edition of Satiarath Parkash is not accepted by Ariyas so the decisions was to be based on the second edition of Satiarath Parkash. Thus that book was called in the congregation and one person from our Jamaat started reading from page 113 and got to this place:

Writing of Mr Diyanand with Translation:

“نہیں نہیں ۔ کیونکہ جو استری پرش برہم چرج میں استسہتہ رہنا چاہے تو کوٰی بھی اپدرو نہ ہوگا اور جو کل کی پر سپرا رکھنے کے لیے کسی اپنے سوجاتی کا لڑکا گود میں لے لیں گے اس سے کل چلیگا اور وبہی چار نہ ہو گا اور جو برہم چرج نہ کرسکیں تو نیوگ کر کے سنتان ات پت کرلیں۔”

That is in case of infertility second marriage is not at all allowed. Nor it is required because there are two solutions that eradicate the need of marriage. One

Page 4

a man whose wife has died or a woman whose husband has died, they should become monks that is they both should live in solitude and for the sake of progeny should adapt a boy. That boy will continue the family and at the same time will prevent adultery (i.e., niyog will not be required) but if they cannot become monks and cannot control the desire then marriage must not be done at any cost. Yes they can release the desire by niyog as well as can get offspring.

This instruction is for widow or widowed when the woman died or that man has died then it is like God has finished the institution of family. Now stay single and be happy, you had marriage for a certain time and enjoyed so now live without it. And if sexual desire presses you and you are not able to control then don’t take name of marriage because it is forbidden by Vedas. Yes, the man should quietly have relation with another woman or the woman should have relation with another man and if that does not help, then second or third, even if the number goes to ten, does not matter at all because it is allowed by the Vedas. And this is the actual practice which is called Niyog in Holy Vedas. Marriage and polygamy is nothing in front of this practice. This is a wonderful procedure that wife after the death of husband and husband after the death of wife should pretend to be monk. And lust play went so well that married couples are left behind because a married woman is in the custody of just one husband. But Niyog has such a wonderful phenomenon that she can get a new lover every night andfootnote: The statement of Mr Pundit that there will be no harm that  is by living hermit and adapting the child – the kid will come for free and adultery will not be required. The statement clearly proves that Mr Pundit also considers Niyog as adultery in his heart; otherwise if meaning of  Niyog is not adultery then why did put such a restriction in case of not practicing Niyog. It seems that his conscience compelled him to utter this word which is different to his other statements.note: If Niyog is not for lust mongering then why it was not sufficient to adapt a boy.


Page 5

there is not shortage of babies at the same time there is freedom and no restraint.

When this place from Satiarath Parkash was read in my congregation some friends said impromptu this is clear fornication because when their is not contract of marriage and the child is not adapted because real purpose is sexual gratification and that desire is not fulfilled through marriage then what is this other than fornication. Some also said that by this method of Niyog the widow also has the right if after intercourse with another male she finds the semen to be dilute then she can sleep in the after noon with some other priest and if the one in afternoon has the same problem and cannot satisfy in a manner that may lead to pregnancy then she should have coitus withe someone else in the evening and if the evening guy is also weak then she should lie in front another youth in the night. So the woman which sleeps with four different men in the same day without permissible contract of marriage and is not fornicator then there is no such thing as fornication in the world. And think carefully when both man and woman agree they don’t have any relation of marriage then everyone can understand that such a contact should be called what. What is the difference in this and the occupation of a prostitute. So focus on the fact there is no marriage contract here.

But I did not agree with my friends even at this point and thought that yes, adultery is proven but maybe Pundit Diyanand might have erred while explaining this issue. And may be the Veda says that the widow can marry by her will but when my friends read it again and again explicitly and we pondered a lot. Then this became certain that second marriage is totally forbidden in Hindu religion. When there is no marriage then this Niyog is fornication in other words. But my person did not want to base an allegation on the Niyog of a widow. Thus I said, read further, till we reached the place where the Veda of Aryas instruct the woman with a live husband that in case of no kids she can have intercourse with other man.

Page 6

At this point every respectable person was taken aback and all said tauba tauba that such teaching is also existing in the world that stoops its followers lower than where they are instead of teaching civilization and chastity and destroy their abstinence. My heart suffered a big shock at that time and I was about to cry with loud groan for people whose book has such a teaching, even they object the noble teaching of Islam and criticize the issue of polygamy, despite being happy with adultery, which is practiced because of same needs which have led these nations to adultery. Critique and laughter on noble practice and happiness on disrespect and deceitfully call others sperms as own sperms that this is my progeny.  It is just to kill the truth, grace, shame and respect, but I swallowed that grief inside myself and sought to advise the Aryans of Qadian being my neighbors. Thus I called four Aryans to a congregation and presented the particular section from Satiarath Parakash and ask the reality of Niyog. Then firstly some of them objected the book saying it is the first edition which is false and when they were told and shown that this is the same second edition then they thought in their hearts who can read the it among the Muslims, being nagriscripture. Thus some cleverly replied that Niyog is just for the widow and changed its actual details so that the practice does not look similar to fornication. Alas, when those filthy statements were read about married women they did were not embarrassed rather some said we accept this type of Niyog. So we kept silent after listening to their shameful talk. Finally, general sympathy boiled in us and that divine enthusiasm compelled us to publish and ad so that some truth seeker might benefit. Thus we published and ad regarding Niyog on July 31, 1895 just for the sake of general public. And God knows our intention of publishing that ad was nothing else other than

Page 7

the wish that our neighbor Aryans should refrain from such shameful act and should not pollute their wives with such a dirty practice. Rather they should have some grace and fear of God to disassociate from such a teaching that ruins shame, honor and respect  because what could be more disgrace to an honorable person that his married wife and queen of family, while being called his woman   in his life and in his wedlock, should have intercourse with someone else; such a person should die by shame that a stranger copulates with his wife in front of his eyes and he keeps quite. Because of these reasons we were hopeful that as we written this ad with incredible sympathy and sincerity similarly the Aryans will read our add with care and fairness and will tryfootnote:بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ قد افلح من زکھا

If somebody loves the Pure – he gets Him only if he purifies

An Important Ad for the Attention of Aryans

Sine the book Minanur Rahman is being published by me now from the Zia-ul-Islam publishers Qadian and in this book we will have to discuss the issue of Niyog of Aryans and normal Hindus in a chapter  thus I thought it appropriate that I should debate with some Arya acquaintances through this ad and then write this issue in my book. If they can explain me the reasoning of this issue then I will refrain from writing because in my view the belief of Niyog is such a shameful beleif that while explaining it footnote: I have written this book for research and analysis of the languages of the world. The synopsis of the book is that only Arabic is the language that given to man through the wahi and ilham of the Almighty  God and it is  the ummulsinah, i.e., the mother of the languages. And not only that all the langauges are derived from this but in this book I have

Page 8

to get rid of this monster. They can ask us if they cannot understand any point. Or if they believe that we have written anything against the reality they will show us our mistake with reference to the Bhomka of Pundit Diyanand and Vedas. And will convict us and will publish their true research along with verses of Vedas and Bhaash of Pundit Diyanand.
footnote continued:

we should used civilized style but because of the filthy nature of the topic we have to write some inappropriate stuff. I don’t want that people should say something later on, rather I would like if anyone has an explanation then he should present now. I would gladly listen to the explanation and will accept it if I find it acceptable, because here we don’t want selfishness but expression of truth. Now I write below important question


O Aryans, you guys know that Pundit Diyanand has,  with reference to Shurtis, written a type of Niyog (1) while giving its details that if a man impotent enough to beget a child then he should allow his wife to get children from someone else. Then the person who gets permission will have intercourse wiht his in the same house where the husband lives. And that will not happen once, rather he can have sex with her for many years, till 10 kids are born. At the same time the women is commanded to continue to serve her husband and the consequence is that the shameless husband.. is bound to live in that house with whose wife a stranger is having sex day and night, in front of his eyes. footnote: also proven that this is the only language that is full of pure and ideal faculties and other languages are dumped into a pit of pollution and darkness. Thus they are not at all capable enough that the perfect and comprehensive Word of God is sent in those, because the shallowness, faults and defective prose cannot sustain the supernatural burden of Divine wisdom. Thus it has been decided with great clarity and with illuminated arguments that the pure,  perfect, bright, insightful and wise Word of God that … has come to this word for eternal guidance.

(1) Aryans might say that this is not adultery, but in a state when husband is present and son will also be attributed to him and women will also be called his wife and divorce has not happened then if it is not adultery then what is this? And Munnoo says, that the husband has the right to have coitus during Niyog.

Page 9

“Pregnant woman  having been divorced should abstain from marrying another man because if she does, it is possible that she is pregnant again which may harm the earlier pregnancy. (Ariah Dharm page 21, Roohani Khazain volume 10 page 21)

•”Thieves and professional dishonest…” (Arya Dharam p.25)

•”Uttering such abusive words of meanness (SIFLA-PUN) from the mouth and then wrote something on our advertisement..” (ibid. p.25)
•”Maharaj with wicked soul said…. Wicked Pandit…” (ibid. p.31,34)
Mirza Qadyani Did V U L G A R poetry against ariyan Women Making Love with strangers (On page 72-Ariya Darham – Roohani Khazyia 10) by making imaginative characters but also Wrote imaginative V U L G A R characters and their S e X U A L stories with spices on (Ariya Darham- page 31-32-33-35-36 (RooHani Khazyian ).

Summary : Mirza Qadyani wrote how the bed was arranged -How the food was arranged before nayoug. What their husbands use to do outside Room while their females enjoy S E X with other men. How Their Husbands them self invite other men to Home for S E X with their wife for having child .How Food was arranged. What was Words of females and Male of Ariyans before and after the nayoug (S E X for having child from another Guy).

“All night she was disgraced by him and that filthy man, overcome by lust, carried on doing highly shameful things with her.”


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rohani khazaem vol 10 p 39 ariya durhum

“”The majority of Muslims believe that at the time of Adam (AS) there was no human being was on earth. So Allah created hawa for Adam””


Urdu Transliteration—-“”””jasay Hazrat Hawa Hazrat Adam ki pasli sa nikali gae aisay he har yak larkay ki joroo us ki pasli sa nikali gae ho””””

“””Just like Hazrat Hawa was created by rib of Hazrat Adam same as each boy’s wife was created from his rib.( rk vol 10 Aariya Darham page 39)”””

MGA says that this is not find in the Quran or Ahadith but some Muslims say that Adam and Eve had twins (male-female pairs) every time and the marriage was done with a different batch. He says this isn’t in the Quran or Ahadith but something Muslims just imagined. He then says that the unknown Muslim who made that story up didn’t know that Adam had 40 children and thousands of grandchildren. He then says that since Adam had so many kids and grandchildren the rishtas were far… then he gives the possibility of the couples all being from the rib of the husband like Adam and Eve.






•”These KAMEENA-natured people were already eager to criticise and on top of that they got hold of some Mischievous and Stupid Christians and Satanic Inclinations instructed them they are all true, thus they also took their share of this Black face and Embarrassment, which is now evident on the faces of Stupid Christian Priests.” (Ibid. p.47)

•”Otherwise they are faithless and Professional dishonest.” (ibid. p.60)

•”O Stupid Aryas! Go and jump into some well and kill yourself.” (ibid. p.62)


Roohani Khaza’in Volume 10, Arya Dharam Page 64

O stupid Aryas go into some well and drown to death.

“Ab aey naadaan Ariyo kisi kuwain mein parr kar ddoob marro”.



    • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote following poetry regarding Hindu ladies and their tradition of ‘Niyog’. It is difficult to convey the exact meanings and implications of such writings. Niyog is a hindu custom whereby a widow or childless lady or the one whose husband has gone on protracted journey, goes to the houses of upper class hindus or to their relatives to get pregnant (Roohani Khazain vol.10 p.68 by Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani). Some of the highlights of this poetry are as follows. The way Mirza has ridiculed this religious practice, is quite below the status of a reformer, let alone a prophet, if at all he is one!:



He who loves the tradition of Niyog
He is humiliated in this world and hereafterHe whose religion has such shamelessness
It is devoid of civility and wisdom
why shouldn’t second marriage be forbidden
when they have the ritual of NiyogChupke chupke haram karwaana
Aaryon ka usool bhaari
To get adultery secretly
Is a big ritual of AryansLaaiq-e-sokhtan hain unke mard
unkee naari her aik kee nari hay
Their men deserve to be burnt
their wife is the wife of everyoneWah wah! What a religion! what a faith!
Jis mein wajib haramkaari hay
My My! What religion! what a faith!
In which prostitution is obligatoryZun-e-Begana per yeh shaida hain
jis ko dekho wohee shikari hay
He is fond of other’s ladies
Everyone is a hunterGhair murdon say nutfa mangna
sakht khubs aur naabkari hay
To ask for sperm from other men
It is great wickedness and evil actGhair kay sath jo soti hay
woh na beewee, zun bazari hay
She sleeps with the other man
she is not a wife but a prostituteHay woh chandaal, dasht aur paapi
Juft uskee koee chamaari hay
He is Low-cast, wicked and Sinful
His spouse is some low-casteHain karoron niyag kay bachey
Arya dais main yeh khuwaari hay
There are millions of children of niyog
This is the humiliation in Aryan nationAisee aulad per khuda kee maar
yeh naa aulad qehr baari hay
Curse of God be upon such children
These are not children but God’s punishmentNaam aulad kay hussol kaa hay
saari shehwat kee beqraari hay
It is an excuse to get children
But it is actually restlessness of LustBaitaa Baitaa pukaartee hay ghulat
Yaar kee usko aah-o-zaaree
She wrongly pretends to be worried for her son
She is actually crying for her loverDus say karwaa chukee hay zinaa laiken
Paak daaman baichaari hay
She has committed adultery with ten, But
Poor lady is still chasteGhar main laatey hain uskay yaaronko
Aisee joroo kee paasdari
HE brings her lovers into the house
This is how cares for his wifeUskay yaaron ko dekhnay kay leeay
sar-e-bazaar un kee baari
To see her lovers
In the market they take turnsJorooji pay yeh fida hain yeh jee say
woh Niyogi pay upnay waari hay
He is deeply in love with his wife
She is obsessed with her NiyogHay Qawi mard kee talaash unHain
Khoob joroo kee haqdaari hay
They are in search of a strong man
they take good care of their wife’s rightsTaakey kerwaaein pher ussey gandgi
Paak honay kee intizaari hay
So that they will submit her for adultery
They are waiting for her to get clean (from menses)Kya krein vaid kaa yehee hukum hay
turk kernaa gunaah gari hay
What can they do? This is the order of Veda
To reject it (Niyog) is a sin.
Roohani Khazain vol.10 pp.75-77                                              

Roohani Khaziyan 10- page 75- Arya dharam

“””One bad charactered woman had the fear that if she adopts bad profession she have to bear the hard Test of law. So many women used to save their life to be distorted under this fear. In this age when the way of showing is closed ( he might mean that open sex activity is closed ) , the advertisement of boosting sexual (activity) are so much advertised is enough prove that in this time the disease of sex is so much spread . Firstly we are so much against this wrongful sect but in this time when morality and being religious is so much weak, to expect that this devil sect will terminate itself, is useless. That is why it is necessary that such a law should be made that people should not be able to destroy their morality , religion and health for ever , and that law should be a law only. We will be very thankful if that Law is again made In india and promulgated but the stipulation is must that for the (white people ) goora people , european prostitutes must be provided .( I am ) hopeful that government of India and contemporary people will listen and think over it . “””

Arya Dharam, Ruhani Khaza’in,vol. 10, pp. 81-83, footnote

“”””If the Christian missionaries would listen to me I would counsel them to refrain from raising objections which can be directed against their own scriptures also. For instance, one of their principal criticisms of the Holy Prophetsa is directed against the battles that he had to wage under Divine command against those disbelievers who persecuted him and his companions for thirteen years at Makkah and inflicted every kind of torment upon them, and then devised a project of killing the Holy Prophetsa himself, so that he and his companions were compelled to leave Makkah. But his persecutors did not desist even then. They pursued him and treated him with every type of impertinence and continued to proclaim him false. They subjected the weak ones from among the Muslims who had been left in Makkah to extreme torment. Thus in the estimation of God Almighty, on account of their tyrannical behaviour, they became deserving of chastisement according to the eternal law of God. This chastisement was earned also by those who had helped the Makkahns in their misconduct and by those who had on their own carried the torment of the Muslims and the ridicule of their faith to the extreme and used all their power to block the propagation of Islam. Thus those who drew their swords against Islam were destroyed by the sword on account of their wickedness. Then is it fair to object to this kind of fighting, forgetting the battles of Moses and other Prophets of Israel in which thousands upon thousands of suckling babies were slaughtered? Such objections result from a spirit of mischief and deceit and disorderliness.

The Christians sometimes make the response that the battles fought by the Holy Prophetsa were characterised by too much tenderness towards the enemy in that those of them who accepted Islam escaped all punishment, suckling babies, women, old people, monks and travellers were all spared, nor were churches and synagogues demolished; while the Israeli prophets held all such practices lawful, so much so that more than 300,000 babies were slaughtered at one time. It is a strange conception that the battles fought by Islam should be open to criticism because of the clemency extended to the enemy and because they fell short of the severity that characterised the battles of Moses and other Israeli Prophets. Had the battles fought by Islam imposed the same degree of severity upon the enemy as was done in the battles mentioned in the Bible, apparently the Christian missionaries would have accepted these battles also as having been carried out under the command of God Almighty. Now every sensible person can decide whether this attitude is an honest one. On the one hand the Christians proclaim that God is mercy, and even His punishment has an aspect of mercy. Then if the battles of Moses despite their severity are believed to have been directed by God Almighty, how is it that the battles that possessed the fragrance of Divine mercy are not accepted as having been imposed by God Almighty? Why should those who deem the slaughter of suckling babies before the very eyes of their mothers and the merciless slaughter of the mothers within sight of their children as having been carried out under Divine command, not accept as falling in the same category battles which a persecuted people were permitted to fight in order to repel the aggression of their persecutors?””””

______________________________________________________________________________________________Arya Dharam, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.10, pp.86-87. See also Hidden Treasures.  

“””””The books that we accept and believe in and consider trustworthy are the following:

First is the Holy Qur’an. It should, however, be remem­bered that only that interpretation of a verse of the Qur’an is correct and trustworthy which is testified to by other verses of the Qur’an, inasmuch as some verses of the Qur’an interpret other verses. If certainty of meaning should not be guaranteed by other verses of the Qur’an, then the meaning should be confirmed by some true and reliable Hadith. According to us, the interpretation based merely on one’s opinion is not permissible. Everyone who raises an objection against the Holy Qur’an should keep this rule in mind.

Of the other books that are accepted by us the Sahih of Bukhari ranks as the first. All its Ahadith which are not opposed to the Holy Qur’an are in our view authoritative. Next comes Sahih Muslim. We accept its authority subject to the condition that it should not be opposed to the Holy Qur’an and Sahih Bukhari. Next to them are the compilations of Tirmidhi, Ibn-e-Majah, Muattah of Imam Malik, Nassa’i, Abu Da’ud and Dar Qutni, which we regard as authoritative so long as they are not opposed to the Holy Qur’an and Bukhari and Muslim. These are our religious books and these are the conditions under which we accept them…Every critic must confine himself to these books and these conditions.”””

_____________________________________________________________________________________________A video by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in terms of Arya Dharam

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