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Recently Nikki Haley resigned from her Post as United States Ambassador to the United Nations and formerly had been Governor of South Carolina.

More on her:

Few know that Nikki Haley is the child of Sikh parents. And she does not make a big deal about it nor does the Sikh community. While she does attend Sikh weddings or visits Amritsar and Sikh Gatherings, she does this on a very low private level with family only, I have not seen her using her position to advance the Sikh cause. She served her country and that’s it.

This in stark contrast to the Ahmadiyya sect. Imagine an Ahmadi would (God forbid) become Governor of a US state or Ambassador. You think ahmadis would keep quite about? Imagine all the monumental propaganda wheel that Ahmadis would spin.

Experience from the past shows that Ahmadis are extremely neopotistic and systematically use their positions of power to give advantages to other Ahmadis and this especially when you hold a governement position and you are supposed to be loyal to all citizens of the country irrespective of their religion.

When Zafarullah Khan was installed by the British Colonial forces as Pakistan’s foreign Minister he used his position to install Ahmadis in important government positions so that soon the Ahmadi were significantly overrepresented in the Pakistani bureaucracy. the same goes for Abuds Salam when he was part of Pakistans Atomic expert group. Zafrulla Khan also spoke at Ahmadiyya gatherings while Foreign Minister and clearely went in conforntation with Pakistans President who asked him not to do so while beeing Foreign minister of all Pakistanis. And Zafrulla Khan continued to write several propaganda books for the Ahamdiyya sect lending credebility to those lies with his history as a Pakistani politician.

As shown here:

During that time Ahmadis had far more than their fair share of governement posts.

Why you may ask is this so that Ahamdis are extremely nepotistic? Because it is their believe that they first and foremost have to oblige to their leader and his orders. According to the oath every Ahmadis takes towards the Ahmadi leader and swears to him that he will follow the Ahmadi leaders order irrespective of his own live and property. Please read for yourself the form that Ahmadis force you to sign if you want to join their sect:

  • I will always try my best to abide by the ten conditions ofBai’at(initiation) as prescribedby the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him).

  • I will give precedence tomy faith over all worldly objects.

  • I will always remain loyal to the institution of Khilafat in Ahmadiyyat and will obey youas Khalifatul Masih in everything good that you may require of me, Insha’allah

Therefore any oath of loyality taken by Ahmadis can not be taken seriously as Ahamdis first and foremost have sworn to be loyal to their absolutist Leader and everything else does not matter for them.

Therefore think twice before putting an Ahmadi into an influential position.
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