A former devout Ahmadi, who was deep into the sects teachings and used to follow it blindly used his brain for the first time and suddenly realized how false the Ahmadiyya sect is. He has a huge Ahmadi family who are so deep into this sect that they chose to live in the Ahmadiyya-Only “Peace Village” in Canada and allowed themselves to be subjected to Ahmadiyya Propaganda 24/7. Apparently that was not enough to keep this guy lulled into the sect. He now runs a blog highlighting everything wrong with this sect. Needless to say that he has left the Ahmadiyya Ghetto now in order to be safe.

His posts are a good read to see how the process away from the Ahmadiyya sect takes place and how far the Ahmadiyya slogan “lover for all…” goes for someone among them that turns against them.

You can read his blog here:

What shocks me most about this guy is that, while I never subscribed to the Ahmadiyya believes from the moment I could use my brain and my family is/was just Ahmadi by name, this guy and his family was and still is 1000% into the Ahmadiyya sect and only recently turned 180 degrees and now goes all out against the same sect he used to do propaganda for.

What is scary is that this guy probably has put the same power and effort into scamming people into the Ahmadiyya sect for his whole life when he was following it blindly as he does now to raise awareness against the Ahmadiyya sect.

It is important that people read such cautionary stories before they waste their life’s precious time for this sects Scams.
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The majority of #Ahmadis in #Canada live around the The Abode of Peace building and Peace Village,_Ontario)

In Canada, the Ahmadiyya movement is forced to publish a balance sheet, not in the USA or Germany or Africa


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