Zafrullah Khan colluded with the British Colonists before and after WW-1 and WW-2. In fact, he was the Ahmadi voice in parliament and he sided with the British in many situations. He hurt Pakistan and made sure that that “British-interest” were of the highest priority, he even represented Palestine and made sure that they lost all cases. He secretly wrote the Lahore Resolution in 1940, as London was bombed and the British feared that they would soon lost India to Japan.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His children

Ahmadi sources normally shy away from this topic. Nevertheless, Zafrullah Khan only had one child, a daughter named Amtul Haye. In 2019, her whereabouts are totally unknown, it is also unknown whether she had any surviving children. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he passed away while in Lahore at his daughter and son-in-laws house.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He married his cousin initially

It has been reported to us that Zafrullah Khan married his cousin (Iqbal Begum) as his first marriage, she died soon thereafter. He then married her sister (Rashida Begum), she also died a few years after the marriage, we have to assume that all of this happened by 1940. He then married Badar Begum of the Behar Colony in British-India. She gave Zafrullah Khan his only child, Amtul Haye. Badar Begum filed for divorce soon after and lived as a single-parent by roughly 1945. In 1955/1956, Zafrullah Khan married for the 4th time. This time he seems to have fell in love with a Lebanese girl (Bushra Rabani, who was living in Syria)(Also See the Alyum magazine from Cairo, 1955), he performed the Nikkah ceremony in the Pakistani embassy in Syria. Syrian Muslims called this marriage as illegal in the press. She divorced Zafrullah Khan a few years later. It is unclear if Zafrullah married again.


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