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Ahmadi’s have been going around for the past 100 years and claiming that the eating of swine makes a person Gay, or LGBTQ. Where did this come from? Where did Ahmadi’s get this from?  MGA and his team of writers composed “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896, in this very book these people ascribed foul and shameless human habits as a direct result of eating swine (pork)(see page 39-40). However, this theory is totally wrong, homosexuality is prevalent in Afghanistan and Pakistan, wherein there is a Muslim majority of 98%, and swine (pork) is totally banned, thus, this Ahmadiyya-unique-idea is ridiculous. In fact, many Ahmadi’s in Pakistan are Gay, and they have never ate pork. Furthermore, the 2nd Khalifa was accused of Gay-behaviors back in 1903 and the 1930’s.

Homosexuality has been rampant in Ahmadiyya since the 1930’s. The Khalifa was laying with men and women in that era. In fact, he ordered the murder of Fakhur-ud-din Multani, since he accused the Khalifa of raping him. However, outwardly, the Ahmadiyya policy is against homosexuality. Ironically, homosexuality is also rampant among the men of Rabwah. Ahmadi’s are so ridiculous, they even believe that eating pork makes someone Gay, which is stupid since homosexuality is rampant in afghanistan and pakistan, wherein virtually no pork is ever eaten.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________But in Islam, why is the flesh of swine prohibited

It was Chapter 2: 173. Allah stopped Muslims from eating the flesh of swine. Chapter 2 was revealed at Medina, as the Prophet arrived, the flesh of swine was most likely already banned in Medina, hence, this revelation only conformed to a societal norm. The flesh of swine was always avoided since it took longer to cook and contained lots of diseases and etc.  In fact, the jewish people have also avoided swine since the Torah was revealed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote

“”””It is not necessary to enter into a detailed exposition of the foulness of this animal. Everyone
knows that it eats filth and is utterly shameless. Thus the reason for the prohibition of its flesh is obvious, as by the law of nature its flesh would have a foul effect on the body and the soul of one who eats it. As we have already demonstrated food affects a person’s soul and there can be no doubt that the flesh of such a foul animal would also be foul. Even in pre-Islamic times,
Greek physicians had opined that the flesh of this animal particularly damages the faculty of modesty and fosters shamelessness. The eating of carrion is also prohibited in Islamic law for the same reason; that is to say, it affects the moral qualities adversely and is also harmful to physical health. The blood of an animal that is strangled or is beaten to death remains inside the body of the dead animal and they are all carrion. Can the blood of a dead animal stay in the same condition by remaining inside? No, it is obvious that the blood of such an animal is soon corrupted and corrupts the whole flesh. It is established by recent research that the germs in such blood spread a poisonous corruption in the flesh of the dead animal.”””” (see pages 38-44).
Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 1990’s


“Eating pork makes u gay” (German queer newspaper on a early 2000 jamaat article from the “youth journal of the Jamaat”): and here
2018–2021 era, Mirza Masroor Ahmad

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