All Ahmadiyya politicians are controlled by the Mirza family. This goes back to Zafrullah Khan and his work with the British government, he was the Ahmadi representative to the British government. After 1947, he was arrogant and kept going to and supporting Ahmadiyya Jalsa’s and Ijtema’s in Pakistan even after being told to stop by his cabinet. Furthermore, in 1976, an ahmadi was kicked out of the Ahmadiyya movement when he tried to run for political office in Pakistan. In 2019, Qasim Rashid is the new face of Ahmadiyya politics in America. He is running for District 28, the Virginia Senate. This has been a republican-owned district since 1983.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________What about the Ahmadiyya Communities view on women and working?

What will Qasim Rashid say when questioned about the Ahmadiyya movement and their strict standards on women?

Qasim Rashid is suing JOSEPH CECIL VANDEVERE for 75,000—2021

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