Ahmadi’s have been heavily involved in politics since their inception in 1889.  In the specific case of Pakistan, Ahmadi’s were ordered to vote for Bhutto in the first free elections in Pakistan’s history (1970).  After the events of 1974, Ahmadi’s were now a minority, and thus could never be President or Prime Minister of Pakistan, since that job was only reserved for Muslims (shia/sunni/sufi or any other type of Muslim).  After being declared Non-Muslim in Sep of 1974, Ahmadi’s were given minority seats and thus allowed to present a political party if they chose to do so.  However, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa at the time, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, wouldn’t allow any Ahmadi to vote or run for political party.  As soon as an Ahmadi tried, he was immediately kicked out of Ahmadiyya.

In 1976, an Ahmadi put his name forward for election and was ex-communicated immediately
As quoted in Friedman

The Pakistan People’s party nominated Bashir Tahir (An Ahmadi) to the minority seat in 1976.  The Khalifa immediately ex-communicated this Ahmadi.  Since 1976, no Ahmadi has ever been allowed to hold any minority seat.

Ahmadi’s counter that they won’t declare themselves as non-Muslim for voting rights
However, they declare themselves as Non-Muslim when they apply for ID cards and passports.  This proves the duplicity of Ahmadi’s.  They say one thing to western powers, but do things very differently behind the scenes.

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