Every time an Ahmadi is killed in Pakistan, the Mirza family and their staff of employees connects the murder to persecution.  Then the lie about Ahmadiyya doctors, they call those fake homeopathic pharmacists and doctors, however, they are not.  Moreover, the Mirza family see’s the persecution as necessary, they see it as a sign of their truth, hence, they are willing to lie about any and all things that happen just to support their asylum business aka human trafficking.  Rabwah Times recently reported that 2 Ahmadi doctors were killed because they were Ahmadi, however, this was a lie.  These 2 Ahmadi people were murdered and buried, however, it had to do with a land-grabbing situation, which is common in Pakistan.  The report of this must have reached London, wherein at that point they decided to let Rabwah Times publish the report, that way, if the report was wrong, Ahmadiyya could claim that they didn’t report it.  This isn’t the first time that Ahmadiyya leaders have lied about the facts, they do this almost every day.  They lied about how Ahmadi’s opened fire in Chakwal.

The real story
According to the details, Pakistan origin US citizen Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Chattha and his friend Dr. Tahir Ahmad belonging to Qadiani Jamaat went missing on 13 March, 2019, while visiting to their owned agricultural land in Fateh Jang. Their mobile phones were also found switched off. Brother of Dr. Iftikhar lodged a complaint with police.

Meantime Qadiani circles expressed their doubts that both of them were kidnapped. Qadiani Jamaat Official spokesman Saleemuddin and Qadiani website “” started poisonous propaganda against Pakistan. They tried to link the issue with so called “Ahmadi persecution”.

However, Attock Police Officers syed Shehzad Bukhari , Sikandar Gondal, Abid Mayor and Jahanzaib Khan foiled this bid of Qadianis by arresting the murderers who were the servants of slain Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad and Dr. Tahir Ahmad. The killers confessed that they have killed both the doctors to acquire their land of 45 Canals. Police recovered the dead bodies and weapon used in the murder.


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