MGA’s confrontation with Pir Mehr Ali Shah started in 1899. Pir Mehr Ali Shah had a book vs. MGA published in May of 1899. It was printed at the Mustafa’i Press, Lahore in Ramadan 1317 A.H. Maulawi Nur-ud-Din read a few pages of this book on February 17th, 1900, and wrote a letter to Pir Mihr Ali Shah the next day. It was written in this book that if any one wanted to say
anything about this book he must refer to authentic commentaries such as Ibni Jarir and Ibni Kathir and also to the true Hadith or he must base his arguments upon the Holy Quran, which should be acceptable to the great and learned people who are masters of language and rhetorics (page 8). Though the book is written in Urdu, yet the writer has occasionally
employed Arabic also to show his learning. So Maulawi Nur-ud-Din asked the Pir eleven questions in his letter (see Dard). MGA responded with Ijaz-ul-Maseeh.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________April 24th, 1900

Maulawi Abdul Karim wrote a response in the Al-Hakam, dated April 24th, 1900, and pressed Mihr Ali Shah in vain for an answer to the eleven questions put to him (see Dard).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________July 9th 1900

Maulawi Sayyid Muhammad Ahsan reminded Mihr Ali Shah and also challenged him to
hold a debate with him about the life or death of Jesus (as), the subject of Mihr Ali Shah’s book (see Dard).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________On July 20th, 1900

MGA issued an announcement in which he invited Mihr Ali Shah to a contest. On page 81, Mihr Ali Shah had insinuated that MGA did not know the Quran, so he suggested that a meeting be held at Lahore and forty verses of the Quran should be selected by casting lots. MGA and Mihr Ali Shah should then pray that God might enable the truthful of the two to write in fluent Arabic a commentary of the verses in that very meeting with the help of the Holy Spirit. The commentary should be not less than 43 pages. The parties should have no book with them, nor should there be any assistant. Seven hours should be given for this purpose. The parties should then sign the papers which would be read out to three learned men selected by Mihr Ali Shah. They should neither be the followers of MGA nor of Mihr Ali Shah. These three men should then give their decision under oath as to which of the papers was superior in language as well as in commentary. MGA also said he was prepared to entrust the decision to his enemies like Maulawi Muhammad Husain, Maulawi Abdul Jabbar Ghaznavi and Professor Maulawi Abdullah. This Ishtihar was signed by 20 men as witnesses (see Dard). MGA gave Pir Mehr Ali Shah a deadline of August 22nd to respond.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________July 23rd, 1900

MGA issued an Urdu leaflet (Arba‘in No. 1) on July 23rd, 1900. He declared that it was not a Mubahala nor was it meant to be a dreadful prophecy for any opponent. He also announced that he would go on publishing leaflets until the limit of 40 was reached or until an opponent came out in good faith in the field of contest (see Dard).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 25th, 1900

Pir Mehr Ali Shah arrived in Lahore for his contest with MGA, however, MGA was a no-show.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________What does this scan tell us?

As we all know, MGA barely read his prayers, in 1889, while he was in Aligarh, he never went to the local mosque for prayers. At Qadian, we know that he never led prayers. MGA’s team of mullahs (age 50 and over) married teenage girls and covered up the lies of MGA’s lifestyle. We found some additional information which corroborates all of our concerns. In the scan in the below,  MGA states that he could not pray for two months due to an illness and writing of the tafseer of suratul fateha and admitting to have “leave ” from prayers and started combining the prayers (self admission)and referring to hadees that for maseeh the prayers will be combined, this was during MGA’s beef with Pir Mehr Ali Shah. This is dated as 14 Feb 1901 and from Malfoozat – page number 446. This is the same tafseer in which mirza ghulam said that the meaning of the word “Aakhira” means the people who have come in the last time, and it does not mean the life after death! Later on after 1915, Mirza Mahmud expanded on this idea of MGA and claimed that the word Akhira as occuring in Chapter 2, verse 4.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scan work


malfoozat vol 1
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