As we all know, MGA barely read his prayers, in 1889, while he was in Aligarh, he never went to the local mosque for prayers.  At Qadian, we know that he never led prayers.  MGA’s team of mullahs (age 50 and over) married teenage girls and covered up the lies of MGA’s lifestyle.  We found some additional information which corroborates all of our concerns.  In the scan in the below,  MGA states that he could not pray for two months due to an illness and writing of the tafseer of suratul fateha and admitting to have “leave ” from prayers and started combining the prayers (self admission)and referring to hadees that for maseeh the prayers will be combined, this was during MGA’s beef with Pir Mehr Ali Shah.  This is dated as 14 Feb 1901 and from Malfoozat – page number 446.  This is the same tafseer in which mirza ghulam said that the meaning of the word “Aakhira” means the people who have come in the last time, and it does not mean the life after death!  Later on after 1915, Mirza Mahmud expanded on this idea of MGA and claimed that the word Akhira as occuring in Chapter 2, verse 4.

The scan work

malfoozat vol 1

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