Dear readers, as we continue to research Ahmadiyya newspapers, we have came across a rare Al-Fazl edition which was published from Lahore, Pakistan, Edition No. 1., 15th September, 1947. In 1954, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa claimed that Al-Fazl wasn’t an official “Ahmadiyya” newspaper. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had also denied that Al-Hakam was an “official” newspaper back in 1898. In this same era, the Khalifa prophecied that he would eventually return to Qadian, this prophecy is still pending.

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“Alfazl Lahore, Serial No 1 , 15th September 1947.

News. 1
Lahore 15 September. A news received that till 1 PM, Khalifa 2 (MBM) is not feeling well due to weakness. Further the Gout (joints pain caused by excessive uric acid) is also present. Despite illness huzur is busy encountering religious tasks.Friends to pray for huzur,z health.
Hazrat Ummulmomineen (NJ) is also unwell due to backache and palpitation. Friends also pray for her good-self.

News 2.
Hazrat Amirulmomineen said:
If you are a true ahmadi you change yourself. Emphasise on prayers if your wife is weak in prayer advise her, if she does not mend her ways, divorce her, if your child is weak in prayer boycott him till he or she come to terms. Do your fasting, complete them if previously not completed. Help the rioting affected muslims.

Promise yourself in your heart that you would safe guard Qadian. The scheme made out in this regard is to be strictly followed. Scheme has already been framed and mentioned in other place. God forbid If we have to vacate Qadian under pressure of Indian Govt then every ahmadi must swear that he would take it back. If the reclaim of Qadian is delayed then every ahmadi child when gets adult, should be given oath that he would take back the Qadian. Remember Qadian is the Centre designated by Allah. It should remain with you, it would remain with you. We should always keep it in mind even if some temporary hindrance occurs. In this time of trouble, you peoples earn more and spend less. Pay more Chanda, more-than 50% of your income. Every ahmadi should help ahmadi and non ahmadi alike.etc.

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