We have found a story from 1952. We are not sure what to do with it yet. Nevertheless, the story is as follows, In Alfazl Akhbar of 11 June 1952, a statement of a fact, On page 4 there is 4th installment of “Ravayat e Mahmood” told by Hazrat Amirul Momaneen (mirza Mahmood Ahmad, the Khalifa) and compiled by Malik Fazal Hussain Sahib Ahmadi Mahajar. In red box, as it is 4rth instalment so the number given to this particular narration is 35, it says:

“Hazrat Masih Maoud (mirza Ghulam) told us that his father (mirza Ghulam Murtza) age was 85 years at the time of his death. He was suffering from Paytchesh (intestinal disease loose motions, Ishaal, Haiza). So he arranged the toilet (Pakhana) near his bed (charpai). He was just getting up for relieving himself (defecate) and his servant offered his help to support him, but he (mahmood father) pushed him back and said that he was not that far gone that you are offering me support. After relieving himself from defecation, to lie down, he overcame by the last moments (nazaa), he still had some energy to direct himself to Hazrat Masih Maoud and said, “Look that is the one called Ghulam Ahmad” (dekho iss ko ghulam ahmad kehtay hain) it was time of gherghra, last moments.

alfazl 11 June 1952
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