My team and I have found yet another rare-early biography of MGA.  We have posted scans and quotes in the below.  One of these quotes explains how the plague was raging in Qadian. The 1976 english edition of Tadhkirah also has lots of quotes.


Summary of Page 116
Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad, the second Khalifa narrates that MGA had said once that God has informed him that these non Ahmadi Muslims will keep on diminishing and will finally be extinct one day.


“Seerat e Ahmad” by Qudratullah Sinauri, pages 176-177

“””Babu Fakhruddin sb Clerk “Taraqqi e Islam narrates that in the beginning of 1908 he went to his native town Multan. His father had not entered into the ahmadiyya jamaat. He objected that you call Qadian as Darul aman (the house of peace), whereas dozens of peoples have died out of plague in Qadian. In fact Darul Aman is my city of Multan, where plague has not spread and peoples of Multan are safe. When in Qadian, I mentioned this to Hazrat sb replied that ask your father to wait for some time, as god has told him that plague would spread at every village and town. So after some time plague spread in Multan as well killing 100 peoples a day.”””

The scan of this quote


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