We all know that the Mirza family’s overall goal is global dominance. They have been seeking their own country and have ambitions for much more. This is probably why they lied about conversions rates throughout their history. Nevertheless, we are collecting all statements from MGA and his sons and grandson’s wherein they told their flock how Ahmadiyya will takeover the world. Mirza Masroor Ahmad has also said the same in some interviews. The ROR of Nov-1916 reports that MGA did in-fact make a prophecy about Ahmadiyya taking over the world.

All of this goes back to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his prophecy of 1903, via “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain” (1903). This was posted in a “Tahrik-e-Jadid” magazine of the late 1960’s and published from Rabwah by Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, who was working as the Secretary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions. He also wrote “Our Foreign Missions” and many other historical books. The ROR of Jan-1942 has an essay on the Future of Ahmadiyya and claims that Ahmadiyya will spread, it boasted that the more opposition is faces, the more it will grow.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________“Seerat Ahmad” by Qudratullah Sinnauri

This book was an early era biographical book on the life of MGA. On page 116, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad, the second Khalifa narrates that MGA had said once that God has informed him that these non Ahmadi Muslims will keep on diminishing and will finally be extinct one day.

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