In 1902, Al-Badr appeared as an Ahmadi newspaper. The first was Al-Hakam, the ROR came next. These are the first 3 newspapers in Ahmadiyya history. The newspaper would run for 11 years, it closed in December of 1913. The British government forcibly closed it down, details are sketchy.

Munshi Muhammad Afzal started the newspaper but died of plague in 1905. Miyan Me‘rajuddin Sahib Umar purchased the Ahmadiyya newspaper Badr, he then was allowed to publish a new edition of Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, in the introduction, he shared a filthy story of how MGA would carry sweets and rocks to clean his excrement, and most of the time, MGA would mix up the pockets and thus eat the sweets mixed in with excrement.

“These newspapers, Al Hakam and Badr, are my two ‘arms’. They immediately publish the revelations to [other] countries and become witnesses.” (Zikr-e-Habib, p. 151)

The newspaper starts.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is ordered to take over the Al-Badr newspaper, since the founder and owner had died. After the Talim ul Islam School was shut down, MGA made Sadiq as the editor of the Al-Badr. Since the old owner (Munshi Muhammad Afzal) and editor of the Badr had died (March 21st, 1905) of plague. This was his only job. Miyan Me‘rajuddin Sahib Umar purchased the Ahmadiyya newspaper Badr when its owner and editor, Babu Muhammad Afzal Sahib passed away, hence, this newspaper continued serving the Jamaat under him until 1913.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________May of 1908

The offices of the Al-Badr were moved to Lahore, since MGA was already there. Noorudin also showed up at Lahore (see “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, page 108, online edition).

Al Badr, 9 January 1908, p. 2

Then, Zuhr and Asr prayers were offered in congregation at Aqsa Mosque and Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddin Sahibra announced some nikahs and shed light on the purpose of marriage. Thereafter, Mir Qasim Ali Sahib recited a poetic mubarak nama [a way of expressing congratulations].
Al Hakam, 2-14 January 1908

After the Friday prayers, the Promised Messiah delivered a speech, in which he presented a sublime interpretation of Surah al-Fatihah and then drew the attention of the listeners towards purifying themselves. Thereafter, the Promised Messiah shook hands with the participants of the Jalsa.
Al Badr, 9 January 1908

On the morning of 28 December, the Promised Messiah went for a walk as usual and thanks to the good management by Dr Mirza Yaqub Baig Sahib, Chaudhry Maula Baksh Sahib, Malik Muhammad Hayat Sahib, Hakim Muhammad Omar Sahib and Dr Khalifa Rashiduddin Sahib, everyone had the honor of visiting and witnessing the Prophet of Allah with great convenience. The Promised Messiah sat down at a particular place in a field and listened to a couple of poems as well.
Al Hakam, 18 January 1908

“Now, that time has come regarding which the prophets have been announcing from the beginning. The time of God Almighty’s judgment is near, so fear Him and repent.”
Al Badr, 9 January 1908

After the Maghrib prayer on 28 December, the conference of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya was held, in which most of the presidents and secretaries of various external anjumans took part. After the presentation of the report and budget, Dr Khawaja Kamaluddin Sahib discussed every matter in detail. Hazrat Maulana Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra then delivered a speech in which he explained which kind of Anjuman is permissible in light of the Holy Quran.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Al Hakam, 2 January 1908 and Al Badr, 9 January 1908 [Tadhkirah, pp. 987-88]

However, they received the reward, in that Allah the Almighty consoled them with a revelation conveyed directly by Allah to His messenger:

 یٰآأَيُّهَا النَّبِیُّ اَطۡعِمُوا الۡجَائِعَ وَ الۡمُعۡتَرَّ

“Feed the hungry and the distressed.”

When the Promised Messiahas enquired the next the morning, he found that some of the guests remained hungry. He called for the manager of the public kitchen and admonished him to take good care of the guests.
______________________________________________________________________________________________Al Badr, 9 January 1908, p. 3

A great number of people took Bai‘at at the hand of the Promised Messiah throughout the annual Jalsa of 1907. On some days, the huge overflow of participants would make it impossible for the Promised Messiah to reach every person and take Bai‘at by placing their hands on his hand.

Hence, people were asked to take off their turbans and spread them in different directions. The Promised Messiah would then take Bai‘at by holding one end of every turban in his hand, while the other ends were distributed among various individuals and everyone else would hold their hands to seek blessings. This unique method of taking Bai‘at concludes the details of the final Jalsa of the Promised Messiah’s life.

Al-Badr started a supplement under the name of Kalaam-i-Amir, which carried the text of the Dars-i-Qur’an, and other assertions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Ira. In the same year, another supplement to Al-Badr was added, the Arabic News, under the editorial direction of Abdul Hayee Arab(see “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, page 129).

This Week in History: 17-23 December

The Al-Badr newspaper is forcefully shut down by the British Government. This was part of the Indian Press Act of 1910 (See Walter). Details are sketchy. Ahmadiyya sources claim that owing to an article published in the Badr newspaper about Christianity, the newspaper was censored and ceased circulation. Following the publication of the article, the government sought a sum of 3,000 rupees as a guarantee. As this was a large amount for the Jamaat to pay, the newspaper ceased publication.

The ROR of March-1914 argues that the Al-Badr was shut down because it refuted Christianity.

Important Quotes
Badr, 12 July, 1908

“We also have been asked to submit this wide prayer; and its acceptance is assured. Let the opponent take this verse to mean whatever he likes. We hold firmly to the view that Allah can raise Prophets; He can bestow the rank of Siddiq, Shahid and Saleh, as long as there is some one to solicit these eminences.” 
Badr, 24th August 1911

“There is another debate, as to whether the Messiah was born without father or not. I say: Did 124,000 prophets have fathers or not? The Shariah has not laid upon us the obligation to make investigation about the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of prophets. These matters are not a part of your spiritual progress.”
July 14th

We found lots of data on the Khilafat of Noorudin and many issues that popped up in the summer of 1912. In the link, we have given the Badr of July 4th, 1912 and a full translation.
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