We have found an un-dated Ahmadiyya pamphlet, which we think is from 1913, Maulvi Sher Ali was the editor at that time.  The title is “A Mighty Prophecy Fulfilled in the Balkan War” by the editor of the Review of Religions.  The Balkan Wars (TurkishBalkan Savaşları, literally “the Balkan Wars” or Balkan Faciası, meaning “the Balkan Tragedy”) consisted of two conflicts that took place in the Balkan Peninsula in 1912 and 1913. Four Balkan states defeated the Ottoman Empire in the first war. In the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria fought against all four original combatants of the first war along with facing a surprise attack from Romania from the north. The conflicts ended catastrophically for the Ottoman Empire, which lost the bulk of its territory in Europe. Austria-Hungary, although not a combatant, became relatively weaker as a much enlarged Serbia pushed for union of the South Slavic peoples.[1] The war set the stage for the Balkan crisis of 1914 and thus served as a “prelude to the First World War“.[2]

This pamphlet has some weird predictions of MGA
They quote MGA saying that the Turks aka the Ottoman’s will soon face defeat.  They also claim that MGA had predicted the partition of Bengal.  They also assert that MGA had prophecies about Persia, Korea and Japan come true.  Another prediction is as follows:

“In the state of Kabul, there shall die 85,000”


“In Europe and other Christian countries there shall appear a kind of plague which will be very severe”. 

A mighty Prophecy Fulfilled In The Balkan War

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