Tadhkirah wasn’t the first attempt to collect MGA’s revelations and turn them into a book. Al-Bushra and a few others existed before the idea of Tadhkirah. The first Urdu edition was published in 1935.

The second Urdu edition was published in 1965, another volume was published in 1969 from Rabwah, when the Khalifa died, its unclear what edits were made and why the new Khalifa wanted this done. Just 4 years later in 1969, yet another volume was published from Rabwah. This is very suspicious and again, we aren’t sure what was edited in or out. This was followed by the famous 1976 english translation of Tadhkirah, translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan. Which was then followed by the 2004 english translation and a new urdu edition of Tadhkirah. In 2006 came the first ever PDF version, which contained a famous edit on MGA’s takfir statement of 1906, the PDF version had totally edited out that entire story. Another Urdu edition was also published and they edited out wherein MGA called his cousin’s widow as a prostitute. This woman ended up marrying her grand-daughter to the 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. The urdu editions seem to have stopped. However, 2 more english editions appeared, the 2009 english edition and a 2018-2019 english edition.
1969 urdu edition of Tadhkirah

Tazkira 1969
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