Qasim Rashid’s run at the Virginia senate has been excruciating to watch. Qasim is obviously running per the order of his Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Ahmadi’s can’t run for public office without prior approval. Mirza Masroor Ahmad wants more political control and involvement from Ahmadi’s and has thus launched his best candidate. Qasim is going up against Richard Stuart.
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LETTER: Rashid’s strategy is to denigrate his opponent

I have known state Sen. Richard Stuart for a long time. Over the last two weeks, he has been accused of being racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and any other adjective Rashid’s supporters can conjure up to gain political leverage.

Let’s clear things up, shall we? First and foremost, there is NO basis for these accusations. Stuart’s record as a U.S. Marine, state senator and prosecutor give absolutely no indication he is guilty of these false and nasty claims of which he has been accused.

Secondly, Mr. Stuart’s campaign called into question a tweet Mr. Rashid posted in 2018. These are not the words of Senator Stuart, but his opponent, Mr. Rashid!

If you want to talk about stoking fear, we should discuss Mr. Rashid’s past tweet stating that he believes the United States military is responsible for terrorism.

Sadly, it is very clear that Mr. Rashid’s only campaign strategy is to denigrate his opponent any way he can while sidestepping the crucial issues that affect the 28th District.

I urge the individuals who have accused Mr. Stuart of stoking fear over the last few weeks to look into the infinite Twitter history of their candidate, Mr. Rashid.””””””

Danielle Davis

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