It seems that Qasim Rashid has tucked his tail from Virginia and ran to Naperville, Illinois. He lost multiple attempts to get elected to the Senate and U.S. House of Reps., he failed miserably.
In 2022, he is so desperate for Christan attention that he posted a Merry Christmas message on twitter and lied about the Ahmadiyya beliefs on Jesus (as). He alleged that Ahmadi’s believe in the miracles of Jesus (as), that’s a lie! Qasim Rashid even lied about the Ahmadiyya belief about the birth of Jesus (as), Ahmadi’s don’t believe in any miraculous birth, instead they believe in Parthenogenesis since 1921. He also lied about the second coming of Jesus (as), he didn’t tell the Christians that he believes that MGA is the second coming.

In 2023, he will be managing the Mayoral campaign for Benny White for Naperville. This is how Qasim is slowly trying to make a name for himself in Naperville. We also think he is working for the Ahmadiyya Movement and working their asylum claims. Qasim Rashid hasn’t had a job in years, he was so desperate for money in 2020, that he paid himself from campaign funds. In 2020, he ran for Virginia Senate and lost. He was getting lots of out of state funding, which is suspicious. His finances were so bad that he sued JOSEPH CECIL VANDEVERE in 2021 for 75,000. His dad is an official employee of the Ahmadiyya Movement Canada, in fact, he only immigrated to America since his father was transferred to work in the USA. His sister quietly left Ahmadiyya and married a Sunni man and thus became Muslim (she was allegedly pardoned in 2022). His brother, Tayyab Rashid masquerades as the Muslim Marine on twitter and claims to have some businesses. In 2018, he was confronted by Jesse Lee (a conservative Christian) about his many contradictions. In 2017, he was called about by Ali Rizvi about MGA’s takfiri comments (wherein MGA called his deniers as Kafirs), and the lies told by Qasim Rashid. In 2016, he attacked the famous Ex-Ahmadi, Nabeel Qureshi. In 2017, a group of Ex-Ahmadi’s made this video wherein they exposed the lies of Qasim Rashid. Also in 2017, Qasim Rashid stated that anyone who calls Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims are terrorists (see the scan in the below) he even attacked Professor Johnathan Brown. In 2016, he was exposed by Pamela Geller. Again, in 2016, he was exposed for trying to take credit for something he didn’t do. In 2022,Qasim Rashid claims that in sharia (islamic law), an abortion is allowed if a fetus is non viable, however, he gives no quranic references.

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In 1882-1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was indirectly denying Quran 3:49, as he denied the miracles of Esa (as)


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