In Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya (1884), vol. 4, MGA began to assert that he was related to Fatima, MGA even claimed that he saw a vision or had a dream wherein he put his head on Fatima’s thigh. MGA would use this later on in 1901 when he claimed prophethood. MGA proved that when he fabricated this dream/vision in 1883-1884, he was planning to claim to be the Mahdi later on. Thus, in 1890-1891, when MGA claimed to be the Messiah, he said that all hadith in terms of the Mahdi were fakes. MGA only authenticated one hadith, its the famous weak hadith wherein Eisa (as)= the mahdi. However, in 1894, after news of the eclipses spread, MGA authenticated a dubious shia hadith and now claimed that there was now only 2 authentic hadith on the Mahdi. However, MGA errored and claimed that these eclipses had never happened before in the history of human history. In 1897, when MGA was apprised that these happen every 22 years, MGA and his team of writers changed their arguments. By 1901, MGA was claiming to be from the family of Muhammad (saw). However, after MGA died, in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol.5, Noorudin denied all hadith on the Mahdi and thus contradicted MGA’s arguments in 1901 and 1902. On a side note, MGA disliked the name Fatima and saw it as a sign of sadness and pain. MGA also disrespected Fatima’s (ra) children, Hassan and Hussain. MGA also disrespected Ali (ra). MGA even called the killing of Maulvi Abdul Latif as greater than that of Imam Hussain. 
The quote from Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4, online english edition, see pages 379-380

“””At this point I recall a very clear vision which was as follows: Once, after Maghrib prayer, while I was fully awake, I was overtaken by a slight numbing of my faculties resembling a mild intoxication and had a wonderful experience. First, there was a sound of some people walking briskly, as the sound made by shoes when one walks fast; and then five very dignified, pleasing, and handsome personages came into my vision—namely, the Messenger of God, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, Hadrat Ali ra, Hasnain ra [Hasan ra and Husain ra], and Fatimah az-Zahra’, may Allah be pleased with all of them. One of them, and as I recall it was Hadrat Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with her, out of great affection and kindness like a loving mother, placed this humble one’s head upon her thigh. Then, I was given a book concerning which I was told, ‘It is a commentary on the Quran, which has been compiled by Ali and now Ali bestows this commentary upon you.’ فالحمد لّٰل علٰی ذٰلك [So Allah be praised for all this].”””

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