Bro Haji had found an interesting blunder by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It comes from MGA’s announcement of prophethood in 1901 via “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”. In this book, MGA was arguing that he was the Mahdi, this opposed all of MGA’s arguments on the Mahdi to date, MGA had previously written that all the hadith on the Mahdi were fake. MGA was arguing that he was persian and from the progeny of Fatima, and gave a reference to his revelation from the early 1880’s wherein MGA was laying his head on Fatima’s thigh like a child of hers. MGA gave the narration from a collection of hadith called Kanzul ummul. However, the full narration has never been given nor has it ever been checked for accuracy. Its in Kanzul Ummul, vol. 12, Hadith 34132, 34133. On a side note, MGA disliked the name Fatima and saw it as a sign of sadness and pain. MGA also disrespected Fatima’s (ra) children, Hassan and Hussain. MGA also disrespected Ali (ra). MGA even called the killing of Maulvi Abdul Latif as greater than that of Imam Hussain. 

The quote from “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”

“””If you still do not accept me, then you should know that it is written in your own books of Hadith that the Promised Mahdi will be like the Holy Prophetsa, both in character and appearance. His name will correspond to the name of the Holy Prophetsa—which means that he will be given the name Muhammad and Ahmad; and that he will belong to the Holy Prophet’s sa household.”””

According to the Hadith recorded in Kanzul-‘Ummal, the Persians are not only Israelites but are also among the ahl-e-bait3 [people of the house]. In a vision, Hadrat Fatimahra placed my
head on her lap and thus showed me that I too belonged to her progeny. (Eik Ghalati Ka Izalah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 18, p. 213)

Kanzul ‘Ummal, vol. 12, Hadith 34132, 34133

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