On August 7th, 1887 (8-7-1887) MGA’s famous son, Bashir-1 was born. Per Ahmadiyya sources MGA immediately had an announcement published at the Victoria Press, Lahore. MGA did mention the announcement in “The Green Announcement” in 1888. In the below, we have published some partial english translations.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The only reference to the announcement in from “The Green Announcement” of 1888, see page 4 of the online english edition (2008)

“”””Readers! I give you the good news that the boy whose birth I had prophesized in the announcement of 8th April 1886…… came into this world on 16th Zil-Qa‘ad, or 7th August.””””

See the announcement of 7th August 1887, printed at Victoria Press, Lahore.
Also quoted by the Lahori-Ahmadi as such

“”””O Viewers! I give you good news that the son whose birth I had predicted in the proclamation of 8th April 1886, and after receiving communication from the Exalted God, had declared unequivocally that in case he was not born of the present pregnancy, he will definitely be born of the next pregnancy which will be soon after. That auspicious son was born today, 16th Zeeqaad 1304 Hijra, corresponding to 7th August 1887, after midnight at about 1:30 a.m. So Allah be praised for this.””””
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