Most of MGA’s announcement’s have been tampered with. The Ahmadiyya team of clerics has already changed the dates and thus totally altered most of these announcements. The book, “Majmua Ishtiharat” was published many years after MGA died. Ahmadiyya sources don’t tell us where this was published from, what newspaper? Its all unknown and purposely done.  In this specific announcement, MGA is also denying the miracles of Esa (as) as recorded in Quran 3:49. Specifically as they deal with bringing the dead back to life. which was an idea that the Quran supported. In British-India, Sir Syed had already put this argument forward, MGA seems to have been copying his arguments word-for-ford. Just a few years earlier, in the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 4, MGA had also denied all the miracles of Esa (as). FYI, technically, uptil late 1889, MGA was a Muslim, a rogue member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect.

It is important to note that MGA had made a the famous Musleh Maud prophecy on February 20th, 1886, that his wife was pregnant and she would give birth to a promised son, he followed this up with another announcement on March 22nd, 1886, and another on April 8th, 1886, and re-iterated the same language, i.e., that a son would be born to MGA very soon. However a girl was born to MGA named Ismat on April 15, 1886 and MGA was embarrassed for failing in his prediction. A storm of ridicule and abuse was raised by the religous communities of British-India (muslims, christians and hindu’s) against MGA. The Christian paper Nur Afshan (dated June 3rd,1886), Pt. Lekhram of the Arya Samaj (vide his Ishtihar dated, April 25th, 1886), Nabi Bakhsh, a Muslim of Lahore, and others declared that the prophecy was falsified by the birth of the daughter. Ismat died in 1891 of cholera (see Dard). We are giving a short timeline of events before the data.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________February 20th, 1886

During MGA’s 40 day’s of seclusion, he seems to have published an announcement.  This is the famous announcement of the Promised Son. This day corresponds to roughly day number 29-30 during MGA’s 40 days of seclusion.

February 22nd, 1886
MGA’s 40 days of seclusion ended.

March 1st, 1886
MGA’s servant carried MGA’s announcement to get it published. It was published on the same day.

March 11th, 1886
MGA’s first written debate started. It lasted one day in Hoshiarpur at MGA’s friends house.

March 14th, 1886
The second and final day of the written debate happens in Hoshiarpur at MGA’s friends house.

March 17th, 1886
MGA is back at Qadian.

Nevertheless, in the below we are producing MGA’s announcement of March 22nd, 1886, as recorded in Ahmadiyya sources. It is broken up in a few pieces, thus, the full announcement is not available in english. Thus, there is some overlap in the quotes.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The English ROR of Sep 1914 and Nuzhat Haneef

“””Since, with regard to a prophecy in an announcement from this humble one, dated February 20, 1886, about the birth of a righteous son who will be born with the qualities stated in the announcement, [some persons have started a rumor that a son has already been born in my home, therefore I] announce that as yet, which is March 22, 1886, no boy has been born in my home other than my two older boys, whose age[s] [are] more than 20-22 years, respectively, but we know that such a son (as described in the announcement dated 20th February, 1886) must be born in 9 years according to the promise of God and the allegation that a son was born to me month-and-a-half ago is a mere lie…

“”No midwife nor even an experienced doctor could say that his verdict was sure to turn out true and that there was no possibility of its turning out wrong.  Their opinion about this matter is a mere conjecture which often fails.””

“”Moreover, this prophecy was published about two years ago among many Hindus and many Mussalmans including and reciters of the Holy Quran. Among the Hindus who were apprised of this prophecy are Malawa Mall, a bitter opponent, and Sharampat, both residents of Qadian. Even an ignorant man can see that the prophecy taken as a whole is so above human powers that nobody can have any doubt as to its being a sign of God. If anyone entertains any doubt as to its being a sign of God let him make a similar prophecy comprising a similar sign.  I wish the readers to bear in mind…”””. [MAJMOO`AH, vol. 1, p. 113–114; first line of announcement].
Tadkirah, 2009 online english edition, page 183

“””In the Announcement of February 20, 1886 made by this humble one…there is a prophecy of the birth of a righteous son possessing the qualities mentioned in the announcement.…Such a son, according to the divine promise, will surely be born within nine years, soon or late, but certainly within this period. [Announcement of March 22, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 113].

Tadkirah, 2009 online english edition, pages 178-179
“””This is not just a prophecy. Indeed, it is a grand heavenly Sign which Almighty God has shown for demonstrating the truth and greatness of the noble, compassionate and merciful Prophet, Muhammad, the Chosen One, peace and blessings of Allah be on him and his people. This Sign is hundreds of times greater and better and more perfect and more exalted and more complete than bringing a dead person back to life. To bring a dead one to life merely means to bring a spirit back to life by supplication to God…the possibility of which many critics question…. In this instance, God the Almighty has, through His great grace and benevolence and through the blessings of Hadrat Khatamul-Anbiya’ [the Seal of the Prophets], peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his people, by accepting the supplications of this humble one, promised to send such a blessed spirit whose manifest and hidden blessings will spread throughout the earth. It might on the surface appear like bringing to life a dead person but this Sign is hundreds of times better than reviving a dead. Only the soul of the dead is revived through supplication and here, too, a soul has been sought through supplication. But what a tremendous difference there is between those souls and this soul.”””” [Announcement of Monday, March 22, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 114–115].

The English ROR of Sep 1914
“””But this is a thing which the skeptics are not inclined to believe…”””

“Besides it has also been said that such men remained alive only for a few minutes.  But even if it be supposed that such a person remained alive for many years, of what good could an ordinary man thus restored to life be to the world?  But in the present case God having accepted my prayer has, though his mercy and as one of the blessings of the Holy Prophet, promised to send a soul who’s blessings will spread throughout the world”””
[Announcement of Monday, March 22, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 115].

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