Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be a reformer, however, he neglected to properly contextualize the Quran and give extended commentary, which isn’t very hard for any islamic scholar, in fact, Muhammad Ali, the Lahori-Ahmadi scholar was the first Ahmadi to do this in 1917 in Urdu and English. No other Ahmadi was capable in either language by 1917. Nevertheless, today we are studying 4:97, 4:98, 4:99, 4:100 and 4:101. I had some confused Ahmadi present these verses as an argument that a Muslim “””one must migrate from the place where he/she is not allowed to profess his/her religion freely.”””. In the below, this Ahmadi led us to MGA’s book of 1887, which was 3-4 years before MGA’s wildest claims of Messiah (1891) and Mahdi (1892). However, it strange that MGA quoted a saying of Esa (as), the saying seems to say that “A prophet is only humiliated in his hometown, MGA then quotes 4:100, (4:101 in the Ahmadi Quran numbering system). However, this verse was revealed about War and how the common Muslims refused to go out and travel to the battlefield and fight. It was not about trying to get Non-Muslims to join Islam via tabligh (dawah)(See Tafsir Ibn Kathir). Nevertheless, by 1903, MGA was lying to his followers and telling them that if they travel to Qadian or travel anywhere doing tabligh, they would surely get lots of money in return.

MGA commented on 4:97 briefly in 1887 from Shahna E Haqq

Scan from Shahna E Haqq, 1887

MGA commented on 4:97 briefly in 1903

1903 Urdu Scan from Al-Badr

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