In 1902, MGA and his team of writers wrote “Tohfa Golarhviyyah”. In this book, MGA mentioned a sign and proof of his claim of being the Mahdi that the camel would be rendered useless. This is total nonsense, she-camels are used for milk and re-production (camel meat in some cases), and this is what the Arab bedoin’s based their economies on for years and years. In fact, even til this day, camels are used in all around the world by bedoin tribes of North Africa and the Arab world. MGA and his team had also written about this in 1900, in MGA’s book, “Jihad and the British Government” (see page 19, online english edition 2018). MGA quoted 81:4 (81:5 in the Ahmadi quranic numbering system), even in 1988, Malik Ghulam Farid connected MGA’s arrival to this verse. MGA also quoted a hadith, however, he didn’t give the reference, his editors claim that it is from Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal in 2006. In Lecture Sialkot, MGA quotes another hadith which seems to say “And the she-camels shall be abandoned for riding”, however, no reference is given, only the word “hadith”. This is another example of Ahmadi’s being academically dishonest. We found the hadith in Sahih-Muslim, obviously, MGA and his team of writers purposely mis-translated it. In 2018, the official 5-volume commentary on the Quran by the Qadiani’s asserts that MGA is directly mentioned in 81:2 (81:3 in the Qadiani Quran).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The truth about 81:4

81:4 is about the day of judgement, not about the return of the Messiah. per Tafsir ibn Kathir, it is only about how men will abandon the camel while she is about to give birth, since the end of the world will occupy everyone’s attention.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote from “Jihad and the British Government”

“”””O ye who yearn and thirst for truth, listen! These are the days that have been promised since the beginning. God will not permit much delay in these affairs. Just as you can see that the lamp placed on top of a minaret spreads its light far and wide, and just as lightening in one part of the sky also illuminates all other parts, so too will it be in these days. God has Himself provided the means for fulfilling His prophecy that the message of the Messiah will spread in the world like lightening and will encompass all four corners of the earth like the light from a tower. The railways, telegraph, steamships, excellent postal services, easy modes of travel and tourism and other such means have been established to fulfill the prophecy that the message of the Messiah will illuminate every corner like lightening. The true nature of the tower of the Messiah that is mentioned in the ahadith is that the Messiah’s invitation and message will spread on this earth very quickly just as light or sound from a tower reaches far. Therefore, trains, postal services, steamboats and ease of preaching and travelling are all special signs of the time of the Messiah that have been mentioned by many Prophets. The Holy Qur’an also says:

(at-Takwir, 81:4)—“””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned,””””

This means that the age of open invitation, which is the time of the Promised Messiah, will occur “when camels would be rendered useless.” Some new modes of travel would be invented
and therefore camels would no longer be needed. It is also stated in the hadith that:

Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal is written in by the editors

In other words, camels will be rendered useless in that age. This sign has not been appointed for the time of any other Messenger. So be grateful that preparations are being made in heaven for spreading Divine light. Blessings are also stirring up in the earth. You are witnessing an ease in travel and movement that was not known to your parents and grandparents. It is as if this is a new world. Fruits are available out of season, trips that once took six months can now be completed in days, news is instantly transmitted thousands of miles and there are devices
and machines to assist with every task. If you wish, you can travel by train with the same comfort that you would have in an orchard at your home. Has the earth not undergone a revolution? Just as there is an astounding upheaval on earth, God also wills that an astounding upheaval take place in the heavens. Both of these are signs of the days of the Messiah. The revelation below, mentioned twenty years ago in my book Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, alludes to these signs:

See Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 1, p. 611

This means that the heavens and the earth were tied up like a bundle and their elements were hidden. God has untied both of these bundles in the days of the Messiah and has revealed their secrets.””””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1902—September, Roohani Khazain Vol 17 Pages, 195-196, Tohfa Golarhviyyah

“””This is a sign and proof of his Mahdawiyyat that before people used to travel on camels but now the travel of camels will become extinct and be replaced with rail. People will be able to travel in security, luxury and peace without fear of being looted etc. This work is being carried out at such a pace that it will be complete in only 3 years”””
1902–October–Noah’s Ark, online english edition, page 14

“””Similarly, in fulfilment of the prophecies of the Prophets, He also showed two earthly signs:

You read the first of these in the Holy Quran as stated:

And when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant, are abandoned. (Surah At-Takweer, 81:5) [Publisher]

Then, in the Hadith as you read:

The she-camels shall be abandoned and shall not be used. [Publisher]

For the fulfilment of this a railway in the land of Hejaz i.e. between Mecca and Medina is being constructed.”””
1903–October–Tadhkirat-ush-Shahadatain, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 20, pp. 30-41, Via Essence of Islam, Vol. 3

“””The eclipse of the sun and the moon occurred in the month of Ramadan after the announcement of my claim, but people rejected this sign; the plague spread over the country; the railway was started in accordance with the prophecies in the Ahadith and the Qur’an; camels were discarded; the Pilgrimage was stopped; the time came for the spread of the doctrine of the cross; hundreds of signs were shown at my hands; the time of my appearance was appointed by the Prophetsas;””””


“””The Holy Quran, the books of traditions and the old scriptures also mention that at that time new means of transport shall come into use and shall work with fire and cause the camel to become redundant. This last part of the tradition can be found in Sahih Bukhari also. This conveyance has been invented and is known as the railway train. It was also mentioned that the Promised Messiah shall appear at the beginning of this century. Anyone who denies me after witnessing all these Signs does not deny me but denies all the previous Prophets and is trying to measure swords with God Almighty. It would have been much better if such a one had never been born.””””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1904, Lecture Sialkot, see pages 12-14

MGA claims that some hadith says: “””And the she-camels shall be abandoned for riding.”” However, there is no such hadith.
1904–English Review of Religions

In May of 1904, the english-ROR reports that MGA was in Gurdaspur on the 20th of May and he gave a lecture, however, this isn’t reported by another Ahmadi sources and thus, its most likely a lie. In this alleged speech MGA claims to quote the Quran as saying, “when the camels will fall into disuse” and he quotes a hadith that seems to say, “Verily the camels will be given up and they will not be used for riding upon”, however, this hadith is a fake, no such hadith exists, and the Quranic verse isn’t properly given, the wording is changed, it should be (at-Takwir, 81:4)—“””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned””””. This proves that Ahmadi authors were all academically dishonest and in many ways too. This specific verse was first twisted by MGA and his team of writers in 1900.

1913-March, in the magazine Tashheez-ul-Azhan under the title دس ابری تعالیٰ 􀋄 دلائل ہستی (Das Dalail Hasti Bari Ta‘ala) before being reproduced in Volume I of Anwar-ul-‘Uloom, the same argument is mentioned.

“””Ten Proofs for the Existence of God”””, he mentions the invention of the locomotive engine and how this will render the camel useless.
ROR-English-June-1913, page 240

MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad quotes from the Sahih-Muslim claims that it says, “the camel will cease to be used”. 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Muhammad Ali in his famous commentary of 1917
In his word for word translation of 81:4, Muhammad Ali was totally dishonest and wrote: 

“”And when the camel’s are left”

Muhammad Ali purposely mis-translated this verse.  The proper translation should be “””And when the she-camels, ten months pregnant, are abandoned””””. Further, in his commentary, he does mention she camels, 10 months pregnant, however, he purposely doesn’t tell the world how she-camels are used for milk and re-production (camel meat in some cases), and this is what the Arab bedoin’s based their economies on for years and years. In fact, even til this day, camels are used in all around the world by bedoin tribes of North Africa and the Arab world.
Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1998

In his book, “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth”, he discusses most of Chapter 81. He covers 81:4 and gives the same arguments that MGA gave, however, he doesn’t quote any hadith.
English w/ 5 Vol. Commentary (2018) – Holy Qur`an Online 3.6 (

The official 5-volume commentary on the Quran by the Qadiani’s asserts that MGA is directly mentioned in 81:2 (81:3 in the Qadiani Quran).

Scans from Tohfa Golarhviyyah


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