“I’jaz-e-Ahmadi”, in english as “Miracle of Ahmad” was written by MGA’s team of writers in 1902, and published on November 15th, 1902 from Qadian (see the cover page of the first edition). The full first edition of this book is totally missing from the records. In reality, this is 3 different topics mashed together. We are unsure if it was like this in the original book. It should be noted that ever since 1984 (when Mirza Tahir Ahmad invented Ruhani Khuzain), all of the books of MGA were edited. Nevertheless, this book starts off with a manuscript to Nuzul ul Maseeh, this was called the appendix by MGA and his team of writers. Nuzul ul Maseeh wasn’t published until after MGA died in 1909. We have split up the book review accordingly. MGA mentioned Maulvi Sanaullah 70+ times in this book.

Part-1 is the review on the Appendix for Nuzul ul Masih. MGA mentions how he doesn’t care about sahih hadith, he throws them away, he only follows his own revelations.

The second review is on the MGA’s Arabic poem (101 pages)wherein he disrespects Islam by claiming that Muhammad (Saw) only split the moon once, and for himself (MGA) his God causes 2 splits (eclipses). MGA also totally disrespects Shia’s and call’s Shia-ism as a pile of shit next to a good smelling Islam. MGA also claims to have drunk red wine from his god (as a metaphor for knowledge).

The third review is basically a 5-page announcement wherein the same contents as Part-1.

Appendix for Nuzul ul Masih book review

Thus, first 55 pages of Ijaz i Ahmadi are in fact the Appendix for Nuzul ul Masih. In this portion of the book, MGA talks about the reason for the debate at Mudh, he also mentions how Maulvi Sarwar Shah is the Ahmadi representative. He also mentions that Maulvi Sanaullah is the representative of the Muslims of Mudh and the surrounding areas. In fact, he mentions Maulvi Sanaullah 70+ times. MGA then argues that he was given 150 heavenly sign, which include the camel being rendered useless, the plague, Hajj being stopped, a comet (unknown when MGA mentioned this), the messiah coming at the 7th millenium and east of Damascus and the dominance of Christians in the world ( he didn’t mention earthquakes, wink wink). Then he mentions the death of Athim (he claims that Athim had repented). He claims that Athim called Muhammad (saw) as Dajjal in his book, “Andruni Bible”. However, MGA refers to the debate with Athim and then claims that Athim denied to have ever said such a thing (which is a total lie). This was after Athim was already dead and thus couldn’t refute MGA. In reality, Athim had never called Muhammad (saw) as such, nor had he ever recanted. MGA then argues that since Athim died within MGA’s life, the prophecy was fulfilled. MGA then mentions the murder of Lekh Ram and calls it a fulfillment of his prophecy. MGA then argues that if these same signs had been shown to the people of Noah (as), then, they wouldn’t have been killed. This same argument was mentioned again in Haqiqatul Wahy. MGA says the same about the people of Lot (as), he claims that they would have been saved if Lot (as) would have shown the amount of signs that MGA has shown. MGA then brings of Syed Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and begins to slander him. MGA then mentions how his prophecy vs. Muhammadi Begum has been deferred, just like his Athim prophecy. MGA argues that in 1879-1884, he believed that the Eisa (as) would physically return, however, later on, he changed. MGA then claims that 61:9 of the Quran mentions his (MGA) appearance, he them claims that he was named Eisa (as) and Khatamul Khulafa in 1879-1884. MGA claims that he is the one who will break the cross. MGA again asserts that from 1879–1891, he couldn’t believe that he was the messiah, he kept denying. This is technically at variance with MGA’s famous statement in 1892, wherein he claimed that he knew he was the Messiah since 1879, however, he purposely hid it. MGA continues to argue that he was called a Kafir by 3 imam’s from Ludhiana,  (Muhammad, Abdul Aziz and Abdullah). MGA explains that they called him Kafir since MGA had named himself as Eisa (As) and ascribedall the prophecies of Eisa (as) onto himself. Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi argues on behalf of MGA and told Muhammad, Abdul Aziz and Abdullah (ahl-e-hadith imam’s from Ludhiana) that they were wrong with their assertions, since MGA was also claiming that Eisa (As) would physically return in the same book. However, time would tell, MGA was lying. He lied about his prophethood the same way.

MGA then goes back to the Muhammadi Begum prophecy and claims that half of it has already been fulfilled, and he is awaiting the fulfillment of the second part. MGA then claims that Maulvi Sanaullah had incorrectly claimed this his (MGA’s) prophecies had all failed, MGA claimed that all of his prophecies were subject to divine delay, and thus, none of them had ever failed. However, this is a farce. MGA then claims that even if he did incorrectly name Bashir-1 as the Musleh Maud, it was his own mistake, and not a mistake by God or failure of a prophecy. He then brings up MGA’s failed prophecy about the humiliation of Jafar Zatalli (also spelled as Ja’far Zatalli)and Syed Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi. MGA then argues that Batalvi had been humiliated, he then calls them both as the “Jews of this age”. MGA then quotes 4:157 and argues that Eisa (as) is dead. MGA then claims that Maulvi Sanaullah is free to publish a challenge between himself and MGA and whomever the liar is, should die of cholera or plague, or some other disease, not by human hands. MGA then says that in terms of Lekh Ram, that was his only prophecy which predicted murder. MGA then claims that Maulvi Ghulam Dastgir has also wrote to Qadian and requested a Mubahila. MGA laments at how Maulvi Sanaullah explained his life during the debate at Mudh. MGA then implores his God to decide between himself and Sanaullah. MGA then quotes 5:117 and 3:144 and makes his usual arguments. MGA then calls Abu Hurrairah as stupid (Ghabi), since Abu Hurraira connected 4:159 with the physical return of Eisa (As). MGA then quotes 23:50 and claims that Eisa (As) died in Kashmir. In 1902, MGA and his team of writers began connecting 23:50 with the death of Eisa (as). MGA then lies and claims that Muhammad (Saw) didn’t talk to Eisa (as) on the night of Miraj. A clear hadith from Ibn Majah proves that Muhammad (saw) asked Eisa (as) about the Final hour and Eisa (as) told him that he knew nothing about it, he only knew that he had some tasks remaining before the Final hour. MGA then categorically denies any connection with 43:61 and the physical return of Eisa (As), and he presents a hadith which in reality has no connection with this verse. MGA quotes 4:157 again and makes his usual arguments. He then claims that he has 150,000 signs ready for his book Nuzul ul Maseeh. MGA claims to have 100,000 Ahmadi’s with him and claims to be ready to give 1 rupee per person to Sanaullah if he wins the contest vs. MGA. MGA goes on to say that Rasul’s-Nabi’s-Muhaddas’ make mistakes, and this is how MGA made mistakes in understanding his prophecies. MGA argues that every single Prophet-Messenger had made similar mistakes. He then talks about Jesus Christ of the Bible and how his prophecies went wrong (see the prophecy of David). MGA quotes 22:52 as he continues to explain how so many prophecies (99%) of Jesus Christ of the Bible failed. However, MGA keeps calling him “Hadhrat Isa” and not Jesus Christ of the Bible. MGA then admits that Muslims have full ijma (consensus) that Eisa (As) will physically descend and thus all arguments about the life of Eisa (as) are irrelevant. MGA continues on and claims that the majority of hadith in all of hadith books are false. MGA then claims that it is written in hadith that Eisa (as) lived until age 120. MGA then cites Syed Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and claims that if a man see’s Muhammad (saw) in his dream, he doesn’t need to follow a madhab. MGA then argues that sahih hadith has named the messiah as the “Hakam” (Arbiter) and thus, MGA was asserting that he was here to solve all of the problems in Islam, even fiqh issues like where to fold the arms and whether or not to say amin. MGA continues to argue that since he is a prophet, he isn’t bound to the rulings of the Muhadasseen of the past. This is where MGA makes his famous comment on throwing hadith away into the trash bin. MGA then agues that he never quoted a hadith in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, he has based all of his claims in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya on the Quran. MGA then mentions the eclipses, he even quotes Ikmal ud Din, MGA lies about the nature of that hadith, since it doesn’t fit into MGA’s claims. MGA then presents a 2-page urdu poem. He then returns to the debate in Mudh, and continues to berate Syed Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi. MGA then asserts again that Batalvi and Jatalli were humiliated. He continues to talk about Batalvi’s review of “I’jazul Masih”. MGA then talks about his Qasidah. A challenge is also spoken about for 10,000 rupeees. MGA then makes 3 predictions, that Sanaullah will never visit Qadian, that Sanaullah would die before MGA and that no one could compete with MGA in writing arabic or even urdu. MGA then mentions Pir Mehr Ali Shah as Sain Mehr Ali of Golhra and Ali Haira (A shia imam). MGA claims that Ali Haira should request help from Imam Hussain in a sarcastic way. MGA claims that his Qasidah, wherein he speaks about Eisa (as) and imam hussain is not from his own opinion (its from MGA’s god). MGA then writes 10 curses for this opponents. MGA then presents his Qasidah.
61:9 of the Quran

Sahih International

“”It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although those who associate others with Allah dislike it.””
Qasidah book review

This is basically a diss record by MGA. He starts off talking about the debate in Mudh. He claims that Maulvi Sanaullah is a wolf. MGA claims that Maulvi Sarwar Shah is a lion. He calls Maulvi Sanaullah as a ghoul and a wild beast. He goes on and on about Maulvi Sanaullah. MGA mentions Pir Mehr Ali Shah again, and keeps asking Maulvi Sanaullah to write a Qasidah. MGA then defiles Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and complains about the British government giving him a tract of land in Lyallpur. MGA then mentions ilahi Bakhsh Multani (accountant). MGA claims that Maulvi Sanaullah hurt his (MGA) feelings. MGA then confirms that he considers himself better than Hassan and Hussain. MGA surmizes that another Messiah might not appear to save the people of the world. MGA argued that the Quran had turned into a ruin. MGA claims that he doesn’t need to follow hadith, since he has divine revelation (his prophethood). MGA claims that the ahadith are scattered and thus unreliable. MGA calls himself as Imam Qa’im. He claims that his God has sent the plague as a punishment for denying MGA. MGA goes on and on about how he was rejected. He then begins attacking Ali Hairi and the Shia beliefs. MGA then calls the Shia’s=Christians, since they have both exaggerated. The Shia’s exaggerated the position of Imam Hassan and Hussain and the Christians elevated the status of Esa (as) to God. MGA accuses Shia’s of believing that Imam Hussan and Hussein were greater than even some of the prophets. MGA then claims that Hussain isn’t as blessed as himself (MGA), since Hussain was killed in a terrible way at Karbala, and he (MGA) is living his best life. MGA sarcastically tells shia’s to go and cry about it. MGA then claims to be a spiritual son of Muhammad (saw), and claims that many more will come. MGA then claims that Muhammad (saw)’s incident of splitting the moon was actually a lunar eclipse. MGA then argues that he is soooo blessed, the moon was split twice, lunar and solar for himself. MGA then claims to have been given miraculous speech (however, this is a lie). MGA basically tells Shia’s to prepare themselves for Hell. MGA tells Pir Mehr Ali Shah that he is going to die. MGA then calls Shia-ism as shirk again. MGA writes the name Maulawi Ali Hairi and claims that this portion of Qasidah is directed at him. MGA says that Imam Hussain was killed violently, whereas MGA is living his best life. MGA argues that Muhammad (Saw) suffered so much and spilled so much against the mushrikeen, and the shia’s have forsaken all of this. This is where MGA equated Shia-ism with a pile of shit next to Islam. MGA then claims that he has been granted victory at Mudh.
The 10,000 rupee announcement

MGA talks about all of the previous issues, the debate at Mudh, Maulvi Sanaullah and Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, MGA also mentions that his friend is a judge at Batala, Munshi Nasir-ud-Din. MGA admits to having visited him in 1902.

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