Also spelled Mirqat-ul-Yaqin, was an autobiography that was published by the order of Noorudin himself. Noorudin had always published his own books from a different press than MGA. The full name of the book is “Mirqatul yaqeen fi hayat e Nooruddin”(published in 1912, press info is not given) by Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad before his death. In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension of that. In 1909, Nooruddin was violently dragged by horse for what seems to be several miles. He was dragged so bad that his leg had to be amputated and he became totally bed-ridden for the last 3-4 years of his life. In another quotation, Noorudin seems to boast that MGA’s widow is his personal prostitute. Yet another quotation shows how Noorudin was always ok with homosexuality. Mirqatul Yaqeen was then re-published in the 1950’s with many edits (by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s), and then again in the 1970’s with heavy editing. The controversial line was as follows: “”that Hazrat Umar (ra) was a khalifa of a Prophet and now his son (i.e Nuruddin) is the first Khalifa of a Prophet””. The family tree of Maulana Nur-ud-Din which appears in it (which ends with the names of his sons subsequently expelled from the Qadiani Jamaat), the book refers to Badr, 28 March 1912 as the source of the table. At this link is a scanned image of that page from Badr. The words, “and now his son (i.e Nuruddin) is the first Khalifa of a Prophet”, are stated there to be written by the Editor, who was Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. But what does Maulana Nur-ud-Din himself say? On the very same page, after the table, there is quoted a statement by him saying: “At this time, the God of us all is one, our Book is one, our Rasul is one, our qibla is one, and our Imam is one.” That “one Rasul” of ours is the Holy Prophet Muhammad, he is the only Rasul we have, and that “one Imam” is HMGA.

Then there are the contents of the book Mirqat-ul-Yaqin itself. What beliefs does the Hazrat Maulana himself mention in it? Quite close to the beginning of the book a letter by the Maulana, written in December 1908 (after becoming Khalifa) to the editor of a magazine, is quoted under the heading “Beliefs and creed, in his own words by the Ameer-ul-Mumineen”.

—The edition of Mirqaatul Yaqeen that is relied upon by Qadiani-Ahmadi’s is the one published in 1962 by Al-Shrikat-ul-Islamiyyah Limited, Rabwah (See Hasanat Ahmad).
Who was Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad ?

Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi was member of the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and authored Maulana Noor Ud Din biography, “Mirqat-ul-Yaqin” in 1912. He also authored famous Tarikh e Islam (History of Islam) in 3 volumes).

In 1915, he announced the proposal for starting his journal, “Ibrat” in Paigham Sulh, 16 November 1915, and the idea was supported by the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaat and Maulana Muhammad Ali, and they appealed for financial support for his magazine. At this link you can read pages 1 and 2 of that issue of Paigham Sulh. Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi once accompanied him on a missionary tour in 1915 to combat the Arya Samaj on behalf of Islam. See this link.

By 1916, he had totally left Ahmadiyya and became a Sunni-Muslim.

Contemporaries of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


The first half of the letter deals only with his beliefs about Islam, without mentioning HMGA. In the second half, the claims of HMGA which are mentioned are:

1. recipient of revelation,
2. imam and mujaddid and khalifa according to the khilafat verse of the Quran. (This would mean that HMGA is the khalifa according to that verse).
3. Mahdi
4. Promised Messiah
5. Claim that Jesus has died
6. Claim that Jesus cannot return

After all this, he comes to the last point 7 which is:

“He made thousands of prophecies which came true … he believed the Holy Prophet to be Khatam-un-nabiyyin … No doubt he wrote that I am a Nabi in the meaning of one who makes prophecies”.

Did Noorudin promote homosexuality in this book?
Some quotes

Who was behind the Arabic works of the Promised Messiah a.s.? – Part II

“God Almighty has unique ways at His disposition. I did not ever think even in my dreams or thoughts about my hometown again. Thereafter, I got completely attached with Qadian.” (Mirqat-ul-Yaqin fi Hayat-e-Nuruddin, p. 187)

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