We know how MGA disrespected Esa (as). He also disrespected Esa (as)’s mother, Maryam (ra). We have a new quote from the infamous Seeratul Mahdi, wherein MGA was heard to have said that Maryam (ra) was not “truthful” because of her moral disposition, no, it was done to dismiss the divinity of Jesus (as god), not because she was actually “truthful”. In 1898, in MGA’s book, Ayyam-us-Sulh, MGA accused Mary (ra) of even meeting up with Joseph before she married him. MGA had stolen most of these disrespectful counter arguments from Lekh Ram and the Hindu’s of India. This quote from Seeratul Mahdi is not dated, thus, we have no idea when it was uttered. We do know that Noorudin always believe that esa (as)’s was born of a biological father (Joseph the carpenter) and MGA had to quiet him in 1904, however, after MGA died, Noorudin seems to have reverted to this belief and thus the Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya vol. 5 seems to hint that Noorudin still negated the immaculate conception concept of the Bible/Quran on the birth of Esa (As). Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that 21:92 of the Quran made him Mary and pregnant and 66:12.
The quote

Mirza Bashir Ahmad son of Ghulam Qadiani, at page No. 732 Vol-3 of his book Seeratul Mahdi narrates this as under:-

“(801) Molvi Muhammad Ibrahim Bakapuri stated to me in writing that once he said to hazrat Masih e Moud (Mirza) that Allah has praised the mother of Essa a.s. with the title of SIDDIQAH, but huzur (mirza) said that, here the word, siddiqah has been used for negating the divinity of Essa a.s.. It has been used just like we in our punjabi language use the phrase “BHARJAI KANIYE SALAM AKHNA WAN” meaning O you the one-eyed wife of my brother, I say Salam to you. So the actual purpose of this sort of salam is actually not to convey salam but to remind her that she is one-eyed.”



MGA also said about Esa (as)’s mother and grandmother’s

“Jesus’ three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood Jesus came into existence.” (Anjam-i-Atham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 11, P. 291, Anjam-i-Atham, P. 9, appendix).


“(2) Islam, unlike Christianity, does not teach us that God was born of a woman – and was fed by sucking blood from the womb of his mother for nine months – the blood which had the qualities of prostitutes like the daughters of Saba, Tamar, and Rabah.” (Anjam-e-Athum, P. 41)


roohani khazyian 14 -page 300 (ayam alsulah)

“that their (afghani) women meet and talk freely to their betrothed, some of their tribes (afghani) do not make distinction between being engaged and being in the Nikah. (mga is clever how he use the words, here he is saying  that even if one is engaged they would carry on as a married couple) women meet their fiancé openly and talk freely. Hazrat Maryam Sadiqa to go out with her fiance Yousaf freely, is the firm testimony on this Israeli tradition. Women of certain coastal tribes (afghani) cross the boundaries with their fiances to the extent that they get pregnant before the Nikah, they do not get frowned upon, and they push aside the issue laughing and joking about it. Just like Jews, they, being betrothed see it a kind of nikah, during which the is set too.”

Transliteration: “muslun un kay baaz qabial (tribes) main naata aour nikah main kutch chandan (little) faraq nahin samaghtay aour aurteen (women) apnay mansoob kay saath bilaa takaluf miltee hain aour batain kertee hain. Hazrat Maryam sidiqa kaa apnay mansoob yousaf kay saath kabal nikah kay phirna (go out) us israeely rasam per pukhta shahadat hai. Magar khawateen serhadi (women from serhad-coastal area) kay baaz kabail main yaiy mamaaslat aourton kee apnay mansoobon say hud say ziaada hoti hai, hutta kay baaz aoukaat nikah say pehlay hamal (pregnancy) bhee ho jata hai, gis koo buraa naheen mantay bulkay hunsee (laugh) thathay (laughing matter) main baat ko taal daitay hain, kayounkay yahood kee taraah yay loog natta (engagement) ko aik kisam kaa nikah hee jantay hain gis main pehlay mehr bhee muqarar ho jataa hai.

“”5th point is their customs, which are similar to Jews, as their tribes don’t make a difference between regular relationship and marriage. Ladies meet their fiance quite often. Hazrat Mariam used to meet with her fiance Yousaf (Yusuf)(Joseph) before marriage, this is quote sufficient evidence of jewish customs. But these customs are too much between women of tribes of Sarhad, some of these women even get pregnant before nikah (marriage), and its not considered bad, people used to get-away with it and laugh, because like jews they believe “this-arrangement” to be like a nikah, because before it they fix a dowry for it…”



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