Noorudin was very close to MGA, in fact, they lived in the same house for many years, (1893–1914). When Nooruddin did eventually get his own house in Qadian (1914, a few weeks before he died), he still didn’t live very far away, and he had unlimited access to the mansion of MGA. Since 1893, Noorudin, and 2 of his wives lived in MGA’s mansion at Qadian, over 50 people were living there and in close-quarters. We have a story from 1912, via “”Mirqatul yaqeen fi hayat e Nooruddin”” (1912) by Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad (In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension that). In this story, the Khalifa, Maulvi Noorudin tells the world that MGA’s widow has been repeatedly trying to give herself in marriage to Nooruddin, in fact, Nooruddin claims that “bivi-sahiba” (Nusrat Jehan) has called herself the LAUNDI of Noorudin, and she has repeated this 20 times. The scan and a full translation and transliteration is posted in the below.

Just a few weeks after Noorudin died, the new Khalifa (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) married the 13 year old daughter of Noorudin (Amtul Haye).

This seems to be a speech of Noorudin or his testimony. This seems to be from 1908–1912, since the book itself was published in 1912. Noorudin is telling the Ahmadi jamaat that the widow of MGA is so loyal to the new Khalifa (Noorudin) that she has said openly that she is like sex slave to the Khalifa. This is a very strange way of explaining loyalty, and we suspect that she meant it. Noorudin continued to live in MGA’s mansion and just a few doors down from Nusrat Jehan. We are also sure that MGA was impotent and Noorudin had relations with Nusrat Jehan which led to her having 10 children, of which 5 died in infancy. With all of that information collected and examined together, we conclude that the widow of MGA (Nusrat Jehan) was in-fact the sex slave of Noorudin.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________“”Mirqatul yaqeen fi hayat e Nooruddin”” (1912) by Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad (In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension that).

Pages no 6-7 English Translation
“””And at this moment Hazrat Mir Nasir Nawab Sahib stood up to discuss the matter in compassionate and heartfelt words, endorsing, now from amongst us the person capable of taking the allegiance is the Messiah’s Successor which is Hazrat Maulvi Sahib.

And before this it is written:-

“When Mrs. Hazrat Um Almomineen was questioned, she also said that who could be better and more capable than Hazrat Maulvi Sahib as being the Successor of Hazrat Aqdus (Mirza Qadiani). Hazrat Mirza Bashirudeen Mahmood Ahmad Sahib also concurred with this”.

Allah Almighty through your khilafat answered this question forever that after Hazrat Mesi Mauood The Willed Khilafat would be a person or Anjuman. And whether with the new Khalifa every Ahmadi would have to reaffirm allegiance and if it was obligatory that they give their obedience to the commands. Allah almighty with His perfect wisdom forever bent the necks of those people who had an issue / disagreement towards khilafat of Mesi Mauood and made them submit before you. And with them and their own signatures, the whole process of khilafat came to its fruition and when in your era of khilafat some became stubborn and challenged authority, you became determined and persevered and stomped it out. In 1912 at the Ahmadiyya Buildings Lahore Mosque he said in a very glorious tone during the speech:

“I swear by God that even God has made me the Khalifa…….. And if anyone says that the Anjuman made the Khalifa then they are a liar. You should stay away from such thoughts and save yourselves. Listen again, no person, nor any Anjuman made me Khalifa, nor do I think that any Anjuman is capable of appointing a Khalifa. Therefore no Anjuman has appointed me Khalifa and nor would I respect such appointment and I would spit at leaving it up to them. And now, no one has the power to take the Robe of Khilafat away from me.

Now the question is who has the Right to Khilafta? I have one dearest Mahmood who is the son of my master my dear friend. After that from a son-in-law stand point there is Nawab Muhammad Ali, then as the father-in-law there is Mir Nasir Nawab who has the right, or the right goes to Um Almomineen, who is the wife of Hazrat Sahib. These are the only people you are worthy of becoming Khalifa. The strange thing is that there are some people who argue and say that someone else has taken away their right. These people do not think that they are all obedient and faithful to me, they have also not presented their claim to them. Mirza sahib’s children are the sacrifice of my heart. I tell you the truth that the extent of loyalty my love Mahmood, Bashir, Shareef, Nawab Nasir, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan have I don’t see the same from any of you. I do not say this from any stand point but only present the order of events and announce, that the worthy seek the pleasure of God. I have heard it twenty plus times from the mouth of Mrs. sahiba that “I am your slave girl (laundi)”….. Mister Mahmood is an adult, ask him if he is truly obedient. Yes, an objectionable person may say that he is not truly obedient. Without a doubt, I know that he is truly obedient and such an obedient like none of you are. Just like Ali (RA), Fatima (RA), and Abbas (RA) gave allegiance to Abu Baker (RA), the same way the family of Mirza has given me their allegiance…”””

The scan work

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