Noorudin was very close to MGA, in fact, they lived in the same house for many years, at least 1893–1903.  When Nooruddin did eventually get his own house in Qadian, he still didn’t live very far away, and he had unlimited access to the house of MGA.  MGA was also impotent, he took the opium-laden medicines of Noorudin and was magically cured in 1884.

At the death of MGA
Just before Noorudin was crowned as Khalifa-tul-Masih, there was some dialogue between the new widow of MGA and Noorudin, firstly, she approved of the Khilafat of Noorudin, after that some other comments were made, however, they seem to have deleted from the records of Ahmadiyya…however, we have found some of them….

Noorudin says that MGA’s widow has been repeatedly trying to give herself in marriage to Nooruddin, in fact, Nooruddin claims that “bivi-sahiba” has called herself the LAUNDI of Noorudin, and she has repeated this 20 times.

Page no 6-7 Mirqatul yaqeen. 

The scans

The widow of MGA seems to be desperately trying to give herself in marriage to Nooruddin, this is very strange indeed.  Ahmadiyya leadership needs to address this issue immediately.  Interestingly enough, all of the english material from the Ahmadiyya jamaat has totally left out this controversial statement.  Another example of Ahmadiyya editing work.