My team and I have collected info and have written about this before. In those days, opium was a drug used by the rich for many reasons, however, mostly recreational. In this specific case, we have found data that suggests that Noorudin was fond of selling his medicine, “Zadham-e-Ishq“, which he also gave to MGA. However, if any Muslim takes this medicine or chews paan, their salaat is void, since the Quran strictly tells Muslims not to approach prayers while intoxicated. You will see in the below, MGA was impotent when he got married in 1884 and remained impotent until January of 1887, since he wrote a letter to Noorudin indicating that he was fully cured.

But MGA was impotent and everybody knew, even Mir Nasir Nawab knew
When MGA took on this marriage, he was impotent, and had been impotent for at least 10+ years, here is quote:

“”” one more problem i faced is that At time of marraige , my heart and brain was very weak and i was effected from several diseases …………………………………..and thus some of my friends expressed their greivance(concerns) at my marriage ………….and have come to know that you have done a marriage and that you have come to know through hakeem mohammad shareef orally that you didnot had the capability of that (marriage)…………….. ”

Ref : roohani Khaziyan 15 – Page 203 – taryaqul Qaloub”””

Who fathered Nusrat Jehan’s Children?
It is rumored that Noorudin fathered the children of Nusrat Jehan, not MGA. This is plausible, since at the death of MGA, Nusrat Jehan claimed to be the “laundi” aka “escort” of Noorudin.    She made many other controversial statements upon the death of Nooruddin.

Summary of this scan
“”Mirqatul-Yaqin Fi Hayate Nur-ud-Din”” (published in 1912), COMPILED BY SHAH AKBAR NAJIBABADI (born 1875 and died in 1938), (Najibadi is also mentioned in the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah) PAGE NO 176. MOLVI NOORUDDIN SAYS:-

“One of them was suffering from impotency at a higher degree. He requested me for a treatment. I prepared the formula of ZADJAM E ISHQ for him. After using this medicine he invited me and my wife on a meal at his home. After meal his wife placed a set of gold bracelets in my wife’s wrists and the man presented me with horses of high bread.”

The scan

When MGA got married in 1884, he didn’t feel like a man, since he was impotent

“””When I got married I was so sure for a while that i was not a man.”””--rough translation

Maktobat Ahamad Page 27 (vol.2) letter number 15 written to Molvi hakeem nooruddin

The scans, January 18, 1887

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