Another ex-Ahmadi comes from California, his name is Jameel Matin. I have argued with him about Ahmadiyya in the past, its amazing to see him leave Ahmadiyya. In America, Ahmadiyya is dying, the youth are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate, furthermore, no one in America is converting to Ahmadiyya and asylum cases from Pakistan have gotten slow and will never peak again. Cheers to Jameel Matin for leaving Ahmadiyya. While he was an Ahmadi, he was allowed to perform Hajj by the Saudi government, since he was enlisted in the U.S.A. Marine corps, we are not sure if he is still a marine, nevertheless, he is still a veteran. He was also a mentee of Johnathan Ghaffar, a caucasion convert to Ahmadiyya in the 90’s. He is also from California like me and he attended the Chino mosque in Chino, Ca. He also served as Naib-Sadr of Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya for many years. Naib-Sadr is assistant president.

His story

TL;DR: Formerly Naib Sadr MKA USA here. Served in various senior-level nat’l offices ’09-’15 and hajji, basically been drinking out of the kool-aid of religion since I was a child. I started to notice holes in the logic after taking a philosophy class in college. Ultimately, after several years of hard service, I grew out of the jama’at and began gazing things through a more objective lens. Evidence-based mindset vs faith-based mindset. I raised abstract questions, “how can anyone be so sure of the unsure?” while accepting humans as astonishingly susceptible to delusion.

Excuse my brevity as I’ve been authoring this pretty much buzzed while partaking in some devils lettuce 🍁 (Don’t judge it’s quarantine season). Here’s a “nazm’s” playlist to follow along.

So growing up, I found absolute comfort in the Islamic faith system. The philosophy of the faith truly felt divine, and it eventually all cemented after 9/11 when I began producing validated dreams.I commenced in asking deep, sincere questions about life, death, and everything in between. Members of my Mosque were more than able to answer convincingly. Especially Jonathan Ghaffar who helped mold me.

As I was convinced of Islam’s divine message, I became super motivated to please Him and earn His blessings. I did my utmost best to be like the prophet Muhammad. I even ran from my home to the Mosque ~15 miles for Tahajjud – solely to please Him.

I think a big part of being a seeker is believing there is an underlying code written somewhere to be interlaced. So, I probed into learning Urdu as deep as I could, endeavoring to extrapolate precious treasures from the books of the promised messiah.

I eventually applied for Jamia but instead joined the Marines, subsequently witnessing a dream ( not a wet one, but dreamt I was at the Mosque wearing the dress blues) revealing where I should move fwd.

While in the Marines, I received a special invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, further propelling my belief in Islam.

During college, I attended a philosophy 101 class, which completely revolutionized my way of thinking about things.

My belief and value system was utterly attached to Islam. After consciously leaving Islam, I no longer had a support system and felt significant separation tension. Fell into a depression since everything I had lived up to was gutted inside out. So I had to re-scaffold my way of thinking and manicure my life based on the values I choose.

My family did not take it well. It took some time for me to tell my mom. I figured if I was going to warrant a relationship with her based on happiness, and if that happiness was not based on truth, then I don’t believe that’s true happiness. Luckily, she still loves me.

For spiritual knowledge stuff, I find these conversations reinforce my opinion.

For personal values stuff, I found Mark Manson’s school of thought works for me.

For dating stuff, I found Love life solved and The Angry Therapistto be super helpful.

Eventually, I applied for formal resignation from the office, and most of the Jama’at ceased contact. What’s been bankrupt is many members of the jama’at can’t be happy that I’m happy.

Here’s a throwback of me teaching khuddam at an umoomi camp

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p.s Mexican pork tacos were def worth it.

For god and country

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