My brother, Omar Khan has made a really good video about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s education backgound, as well as MGA’s disrespect towards Muhammad (saw), Noah (as), Yusuf (as). Omar Khan explains how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called his teacher as a NOKR (urdu word meaning lowly servant). This is highly disrespectful. However, MGA’s family at Qadian were not good people, they were irreligious and worldly people. In fact, it is admitted that MGA’s father never read prayers and hated MGA for being locked up in a room all day and getting high on opium. When MGA’s elder brother got married, 22 dancing girls were hired to entertain the guests at Qadian. Nevertheless, in this video, Omar Khan explains how MGA argued that Muhammad (saw) being buried in the ground and Esa (as) being alive in heaven (enjoying his life) is disrespectful to Muhammad (saw). Omar Khan explains how MGA claimed to be superior to Yusuf (as). Omar Khan explains how MGA disrespected Noah and the story of the flood and he shows how sick MGA’s mind was. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
From 1:27 to 20:00

Omar Khan explains how MGA had initially claimed in Kitab ul Barriyya (1898) that he had worldly teachers, however, just one book later, a few months later in fact, MGA reversed his position and wrote that the Mahdi would not have any worldly teachers, then he claims to have never been taught anything in terms of religion by anyone.
From 20:00 to 27:35

Omar Khan explains how MGA claimed to be superior to Yusuf (As)(nauzobillah), who was a messenger and prophet. MGA writes in a sick way that he is better than Yusuf (As)(nauzobillah), since he (MGA) never had to go to jail, whereas Yusuf (as) was jailed. So sick!
From 27:35 to 32:30

Omar Khan explains how MGA arrogantly wrote in Haqiqatul Wahy (1907), He if the signs that were shown in his (MGA) favor were shown to the people of Noah (as), they would have been saved from death via flooding. He even wrote a book called, “Noah’s Ark” in 1902.

Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 654

“””There has been no Prophet in the world whose name has not been bestowed upon me. Thus has God said in Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya that I am Adam as, I am Nuh as [Noah], I am Ibrahim as [Abraham], I am Ishaq as [Isaac], I am Ya‘qub as [ Jacob], I am Isma‘il as [Ishmael], I am Musa as [Moses], I am Dawud as [David], I am ‘Isa Ibn-e-Maryam as [ Jesus son of Mary], I am Muhammad sa by way of reflection since God bestowed all these names upon me in that book
and called me:

جری اللّٰہ فی حلل الانبیاء

Meaning: the Messenger of God in the mantles of all the Prophets.”””
32:30 to 35:40

Omar Khan explains how MGA disrespected Esa (as) and Musa (as) simultaneously.

Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 8, p.353

Urdu transliteration
“””sach to yeah hai, ke masih kee Khud-Khushee ka khial nay unko Khila ker dia””

English translation
“””the truth is, the thought of suicide is what destroyed Esa (As)””

Urdu transliteration
“”Musa nay kaaayn lakh bai gunna bachai mar daalay, Koi Esai nay kahtha ke yeh burra kaam kia”””

English transliteration
“””Moses (as) killed many hundred thousand innocent children, no Christian says that this was bad..”

35:40 to 37:47

Omar Khan explains how MGA described the migration of Muhammad (saw) to Medina, in a derogatory fashion. MGA basically wrote that Muhammad (saw) ran off in a weak manner (nauzobillah).

Nurul-Haqq, Part-1, p. 64

Urdu transliteration
“”Uskay Rubb nay isko Hukum dee tha, kay vo Medina baag jai”””

English translation
“”God instructed his prophet to run to Medina””
37:47 to
Tohfah Golarviah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, pp. 205, footnote

Omar Khan explains how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote that Muhammad (saw) being buried in the ground and Esa (as) being alive in heaven (enjoying his life) is disrespectful to Muhammad (saw).

Urdu Transliteration
“””maslun, Aan Hazrat SAW kee so burs tak bee umar nah ponche, magar, Hazrat maseeh ab kareebun do hazar burs say zinda mujud hain, aur khuda tala nay Aan Hazrat SAW ke chupanay kayleeay aikh esay zaleel jugga tajweez kee, jo nuhiyat mutufun, tung, aur tareek, aur hasrat al arz kee najasat kee jugga thee, magar hazrat maseeh ko asman per jo bahisht kee jaga aur farishtun kee humistagee ka mukaan hai bolaia, ab butlao, muhubat kis say ziada hay, izzat kis kee ziada kee, qurub ka mukan kis ko deea, aur fir dubarra annay ka sharaf kis ko bukhsha”””

English Translation
“””for example, our Holy Prophet (Saw), didn’t even live up-til 100 years, however, Hazrat Messiah (esa as) has been alive in heaven for 2000 years, and God has hidden away Hazrat (Muhammad) [saw], in an embarrassing place (being buried in the ground)…..whereas Esa (as) is enjoying his life in heaven, with angels….so tell me, who got more love (from allah) who was given more respect? Who was given more closeness, and who was been blessed to come again…..”
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