Based on thorough research, we estimate that there are roughly 10,000 Ahmadi’s in all of India by 2021. About 800 in Kashmir and another 3,681 (see Nicholas Evans work) in Qadian and roughly another 6600 in the rest of India. Nicholas Evans conducted anthropological field work at Qadian in 2011 and was told about the convert numbers of 2008-2010. This was given to him by the main admin offices at Qadian. Remember, back in 2001, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was announcing 40 million new Ahmadi’s from India alone. We knew Ahmadiyya mullahs totally lied and now we have additional proof of it. Finally, we seriously doubt there were even 1726 Indian’s converted to Ahmadiyya in this 3 year period, we estimate it was barely 200-300, and even those people were poor and in need.
Ahmadiyya communities in East Punjab?

In the Punjab area, East Punjab, there are barely any Muslims historically, since most of the Muslims migrated to Pakistan in 1947.

Ahmadiyya in Hoshiarpur? 

—Hoshiarpur, Bank Bazar, Old Kanak Mandi, Hoshiarpur, Punjab 146001, India.
Ahmadiyya in Kerala?  South India? 

We have counted roughly 20 Ahmadiyya missions via Google maps. Read our work herein.

A Qadiani-Ahmadi is made a judge

Dr Kauser Edappagath served as the Principal District and Sessions Judge in #Ernakulam before his recent appointment to the High Court in Kerala.

Ahmadiyya in Chennai, East India?

In 2008, Mirza Masroor Ahmad visited India and Chennai. The Ahmadiyya jamaat seems to have 1 masjid in Chennai, India. It is called Masjid Haadi. In fact, the Khalifa opened this mosque in 2008, they don’t seem to have had any masjid before 2008. He was the first Khalifa to ever visit Chennai, India. They have 2 mission houses also, in Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and in Adambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Ahmadiyya in occupied Kashmir

We estimate barely 800 Ahmadi’s in all of Kashmir by 2021.

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Converts to Ahmadiyya in India was 5,178 from 2008 to 2010, thats roughly 1726 per year

Ahmadiyya in Kerala, India?

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