Based on thorough research, we estimate that there are roughly 10,000 Ahmadi’s in all of India by 2021. About 800 in Kashmir and another 3,681 (see Nicholas Evans work) in Qadian and roughly another 6600 in the rest of India. Nicholas Evans conducted anthropological field work at Qadian in 2011 and was told about the convert numbers of 2008-2010. This was given to him by the main admin offices at Qadian. Remember, back in 2001, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was announcing 40 million new Ahmadi’s from India alone. We knew Ahmadiyya mullahs totally lied and now we have additional proof of it. Finally, we seriously doubt there were even 1726 Indian’s converted to Ahmadiyya in this 3 year period, we estimate it was barely 200-300, and even those people were poor and in need.

In this essay, we are also combining the history of Ahmadiyya in Bangladesh, since it was part of British-India uptil 1947.

Moulana Ahmad Kabir Noor is dead. He leaves behind many small children, he is in his 40’s. From 25th November 1912, Moulana Syed Abdul Wahed started taking Bai’ats in Brahmanbaria. Maulvi Noorudin had approved him to take bait’s.

The ROR of July-1916 reports that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq visited Madras, and also visited the alleged Tomb of Saint Thomas. He then argued that this was in-fact a 1900 year old tomb, just like the Yuz Asaf tomb. Again, in 1916, via the ROR of Nov, an Ahmadi missionary, Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) claimed that it wasn’t just Jesus who travelled to India, nay, he claimed that even St. Thomas had travelled to India and died. However, he didn’t tell the world that this was a lie from the Portuguese Empire. The Portuguese were the first Europeans in India and landed in coastal towns and setup their businesses.

The ROR of July-1916 also reports that the British Government (or the Portuguese) has given them a free plot of land near Malabar, right next to their temple.

The ROR of June-1917 reports that 2 Ahmadi missionaries were sent to the state of Patiala. 2 Ahmadi missionaries were also sent to Bannu, North Western Frontier Province (N.W.F.P.). Another Ahmadi missionary is being planned to go to Hazara and missionaries were also sent to Sialkot. 

The ROR of Aug-1917 reports that in Patna, Bihar State, British-India, Ahmadi’s were declared as Muslim. Courts in Amritsar and Bahawalpur have followed this judgement and have announced the same. Ahmadi’s in Malabar are facing the same type of issues. In terms of Bengal, Pir Sirajul Haq Nuamani is mentioned as someone who is going to be chairing a conference of Ahmadi’s in Bengal (modern day Bangladesh). Mirza Bashir Ahmad is in Bombay and looking to find people to convert to Ahmadiyya. Mr. F.M. Sayal (M.A.) has been sent to Kashmir. Maulvi Arjumand Khan (A graduate of the Ahmadiyya Theology College and a Maulvi Fazil [H.A]) is working in the North Western Frontier Provinces (N.W.F.P.). Maulvi Khalil Ahmad is working out of Monghyr, Bihar State. Another man, Muhammad Ji (H.A.), and a professor at the Ahmadiyya Theology College is working out of Hazara. There are also many additional honorary Maulvies working in many parts of British-India.

The ROR of Oct-Nov-1917 reports that the Ahmadi’s of Malabar are looking to purchase a graveyard. It also reports about Ahmadi’s in Orissa and how they recently held a conference. 

The Jan-1918 edition of the ROR reports that Ahmadi’s in East India are facing persecution, specifically in Cuttock (State of Orissa). It also states that the Ahmadi’s of Malabar were facing similar issues and the British Government helped.

The Feb-1918 edition of the ROR reports that Khalil Ahmad, Fazl Shah, Sardar Khan, Muhammad Parel and Muhammad Usman are working out of Bombay, Mysore, Sholapur Sindh and Baroda State.

The ROR of Mar-Apr-1918 published an article entitled, “Persecution of Ahmadi’s” wherein it discussed how life is hard for Ahmadi’s in Afghanistan, it also quotes the famous “Ahl-i-Hadis” newspaper wherein they write about how life is easy for Ahmadi’s in Cuttack (Orissa)(which is South-East-India, close to Bangladesh). They also discussed funeral prayers for Ahmadi’s and non-Ahmadi’s.

The Aug-Sep-1918 edition of the ROR reports that an Ahmadi is now working in Port Blair, Adaman Islands, his name is Mr. Abdur Rahman, he is a former teacher at the T.I. school in Qadian. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he converted 10 people to Ahmadiyya. The Adaman islands were a colony of the British Government at this time.

The ROR of Nov-Dec-1918 reports that the Ahmadi’s of Malabar have started a newspaper in the local Malayalam language. It also reports that are Ahmadi’s in Bengal, A Maulvi Zillur Rahman is also mentioned.

In the Oct-Nov-1919 edition, Abul Hashem Khan Choudri is listed as an Assistant Inspector of Schools in Dacca Division, Bengal. They claim that he is working on a refutation of Muhammad Ali’s famous book of 1918, “The Split“. However, this refutation was never published or ever heard of again. In Dec-1919, he wrote a book review on H.A.  Walter’s famous book on Ahmadiyya.

The ROR of July-1920 reports that there are Ahmadi’s working in Bombay to Madras and some have been physically attacked. Hakim Khalil Ahmad is mentioned as a missionary, he was present at the 1920-Jalsa. The ROR of July-1920 reports that Mr. Mubarak Ali, B.A., B.T., Headmaster, Chittagong Madrassa, British-India (modern day Bangladesh). It is proposed that Mr. Mubarak Ali be sent to West Africa.

Rais uddin Khan passed away at 12:30 midnight in September 1921, at the age of 56 or 58.
The ROR of Dec-1921 argues that MGA predicted the partition of the Bengal.

Ahmadiyya sources claim that the first ever Jalsa-Salana was held in Bangladesh, at the time it would have been British-India (Bengal).

Maulvi Mubarak Ali, returns from Europe and fails to start a Qadiani-Ahmadi mission in Germany. He stops working as an ahmadi mullah and become the President of the Bengal region of Qadiani-Ahmadi’s.
Ahmadiyya communities in East Punjab?

In the Punjab area, East Punjab, there are barely any Muslims historically, since most of the Muslims migrated to Pakistan in 1947.
Ahmadiyya in Hoshiarpur? 

—Hoshiarpur, Bank Bazar, Old Kanak Mandi, Hoshiarpur, Punjab 146001, India.
Ahmadiyya in Kerala?  South India? 

We have counted roughly 20 Ahmadiyya missions via Google maps. Read our work herein. Also read about Seth Abdullah Allahdin and his Ahmadiyya work around Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

A Qadiani-Ahmadi is made a judge

Dr Kauser Edappagath served as the Principal District and Sessions Judge in #Ernakulam before his recent appointment to the High Court in Kerala.

Ahmadiyya in Chennai, South-East India?

In 2008, Mirza Masroor Ahmad visited India and Chennai. The Ahmadiyya jamaat seems to have 1 masjid in Chennai, India. It is called Masjid Haadi. In fact, the Khalifa opened this mosque in 2008, they don’t seem to have had any masjid before 2008. He was the first Khalifa to ever visit Chennai, India. They have 2 mission houses also, in Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and in Adambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Ahmadiyya in occupied Kashmir

We estimate barely 800 Ahmadi’s in all of Kashmir by 2021.

100,000 Ahmadis in India – Hindustan Times [2016]

The Hindu [2018]

The Indian government refused to give Ahmadi’s citizenship visas since Ahmadi’s fought against India many times.

2020150,000 Ahmadis in India – The Economics Times [2020]


In a meeting with the national Khuddam Amla of India on 10th April 2021, Mirza Masroor Ahmed provided a hint for the actual population in India by asking the Atfal tajnid:

Addressing mohtamim Atfal, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih aa asked how many Atfal there were and what plans were made for their tarbiyat. He replied that there were 3,343 Atfal and that they had prepared various classes to help ensure their progress and tarbiyat.

This presents a tangible, concrete figure to work with. We now know that Ahmadi males in India between ages of 7-15 are 3,343 exactly. We can now use census data to estimate the remainder of the population in India, assuming that the Ahmadi population in India does not differ significantly in relevant demographics from the rest of India. Using age and sex data from the 2011 Indian census, we found out that males aged 6-15 are 11.2% of the Indian population.

This stat can be used to calculate the total Ahmadiyya population in India. We simply need to divide 3,343 with 11.2% and we get total Ahmadiyya population in India is 29,814. This is far less than my own estimate or any of the published estimates.

An additional tidbit from the same meeting is that the combined total Khuddam and Atfal waqifeen-e-nau in India are 2,484. This sounds a reasonable 10% of the 29,814 Ahmadiyya population in India.

It had been 2 months since I last did a post on the incorrectness of Ahmadiyya population estimates. I thought I shouldn’t disappoint my dear friend u/abidmirza90 too much and post something on population straight away. Cheers.

Musawir Ahmed


: RT

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