@al_moejahid is a qadiani-ahmadi troll who is working on twitter, discord and youtube. He recently cussed at me on tik tok and his displayed a nasty attitude towards all muslims online. Apparently, he quit ahmadiyya after some emotional events in his life. His father died of cancer, some of his grandparents also died soon thereafter. Nevertheless, he uses ahmadi.answers when he discussed his cult online with any critic. Thus, he has never done the research himself and instead relies on an unofficial website for his false linie of argumentation.

His story

Today i will share my story about how i left the Jamaat (inofficially – i was in the Tajneed but i didnt believe in the Aqeedah and wasnt doing anything with the community) and came back. Alhamdulillah.

I was born in 2001 in Germany. I had a great Childhood and i had possibly everything a child could have. My Parents loved me so much and i of course loved them too. After the years i was becoming a big brother of two wonderful sisters and together we had the fun of our lives! Just as Allah gives, He also takes, so my bestfriend and father passed away when i was 12 years old. He suffered from Cancer. His therapy lasted for approx. 2 years in that time he fought that sickness for the sake of his family. After two years he succefully fought cancer but Allah caused it to come back.

Inna lillahi wa inna ileyhi raji’un

On the 4th of April 2012, 03:38 AM he returned to His Lord. May Allah have mercy on him.

That incident was the lifechanger and everything started to become worse at that moment. Not only was my Mother a Widow now and my sisters half-orphans. I was the only Man of the Household and great responsibility were put on my shoulders. A responsibility i tried to shoulder. There was a Death Series after my respected Father has passed away. Because not only he was destined to return, also both of my Grandmothers returned to Our Lord. May Allah have mercy on them.

I was completely devistated and destroyed. I wasnt asking why Allah has done this to me, yet after that i wasnt caring about Him anymore. I was completely reckless about him and started with computer games. I was playing the whole day and closed my room in order not to get disturbed by my family. In the meanwhile i was only playing with Atheist friends who were constantly mocking Religion and especially Islam. In the beginning i tried to defend religion but in the end i gave up and gave them right. I went completely silent and so i was becoming something kinda like an atheist. I was diving from one sin to the other completely lost in the hands of Satan. I completely ignored my Family and i stopped caring about them because Gaming was my only focus then. This situation lasted for 5 years till the beginning of 2017.

I remember watching a Youtube Video (I dont know what the video was about) but the result was that i was feeling a void inside me. I was completely empty. I started to lay in my bed and crying like a child because of this emptyness. My Mum usually tried to make me Pray by saying “Utho Namaz ka waqt hoge hai” meaning stand up its time for prayer. I was always telling her “Terkain karun gha” I will do this later, but in the end it was just a phrase to get her attention away from me.

On that day while i was crying, i saw my mum going to the Bathroom to make Wudhu. I thought maybe this could help and so i tried to make Wudhu as best as i could remember and tried to pray as best i could (But i am quite sure that i was doing it wrong because i forgot nearly everything) Yet that Prayer gave me soo much peace that i wanted to have this peace forever. So i started i look into religion, but i never really cared for Christianity or other religions because i knew as a tifl we could refute them within minutes. At that time i was looking Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Yasir Qadhi Videos etc. and i reverted back to Sunni Islam. I learned about the four Imams of Fiqh, May Allah have mercy on them all and i followed that which was more to the Quran and Sunnah. Mostly it were Imam Abu Hanifas RH rulings. Yet i was so strict on many topics that people were considering me to be a Salafi. Never the less i was becoming practising and tried to get rid of the sins i was doing for years.

As i was becoming more into Sunni Islam, the more i questioned and mocked the Jamaat. I was constantly abusing my mother and asked her why there are pictures of a so called prophet of yours while its prohibited, or that the Jamaat is only a money making mafia full of lies. I believed in Khatam un Nabiyeen meaning the last of the Prophets and rejected every other concept.

Yet one day i came to know that my Grandfather was a convert of Sunni Islam to Ahmadiyyat and that was the beginning of my Journey to the Jamaat. I was asking myself “Why did he leave Sunni Islam and converted to Jamaat ul Ahmadiyya? Why am i turning away and following that which he left?”

So i started to do my research. Luckily i found AhmadiAnswers Youtube channel and he refuted every concept of that which i used to believe. Yet i had some questions i didnt had an answer for. I asked my Qaid sb. to meet up in order to ask him these questions and as we were having a cup of coffee, he lovely and respectfully answered every questions of mine. After that whole research period i came back to the Jamaat and renewed my Pledge. Since then i am constantly serving the Jamaat by the Grace of Allah, and i will if He wills continue to do so.

Now i have a request for all the readers who are struggling with Imaan. Surrender yourself to Allah and He will guide you. Look at nobody else in the Jamaat. Everybody is a Human and everybody has errors. The only Person who does matter and is able to guide you is Huzoor-e-Aqdas ABA. Dont even look at this family. Just because they are in His family it doesnt mean they are Holy. Look at Abu Lahab. He was the greatest enemy of the Holy Prophet SAW, he was a Kazzab and a Deceiver and yet he was his SAW uncle.

Pay attention to Huzoors words and commands and trust me there is an answer for every question.

Allah guided me, so InshaAllah He will guide you if you are sincere.

JazakAllah for reading my story Waaleykum Assalam!
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