Just to give some context, Farid did 29 videos about a year ago about the “Proofs of Prophethood of Muhammad (saw)”. Razi, the infamous Ahmadi employee from Canada immediately made 60+ videos on MGA’s “Proofs of Prophethood”. Recently, Farid started a gofundme which will get Maulvi Sanaullah‘s book, “Tarikh-e-Mirza” translated into english for the first time ever, this caught the qadiani-ahmadi’s attention.

As the video starts, it seems that Al-Moejahid (a fanatical Ahmadi from Germany, a refugee case) lured Farid to have a discussion under the guise that he would have a friend with him, however, he didn’t reveal who this friend would be, it was the infamous Ahmadi employee, Razi. Razi immediately starts shouting that he wants to talk from Quran and Sunnah, this is a famous Qadiani tactic to avoid the writings and life of MGA. In reality, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s don’t even believe in any Quran or any sunnah, they follow MGA, their newest prophet and claim that MGA=Muhammad (Saw)(mazallah).

Razi begins spewing his nonsense and calls Farid scared, this disproves Ahmadiyya persecution. He won’t admit that Al-Moejahid purposely didn’t tell Farid that Razi was his secret friend. Razi then complains about his mother and those people who poked fun at him when his mother died. He then accuses Muslims of mocking Ayesha (ra) which is a total lie. However, he forgets that Al-Moejahid called #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog a 40-year old bastard and thus cursed 2 ahmadi people and their family.

Nevertheless, the discussion between Farid and Razi starts at the 7:00 mark. Razi starts preaching, which is the normal Qadiani-Ahmadi tactic or behavior, they can’t have an honest conversation with anyone, Farid asks Razi to stop.

The first thing that Farid brings up is MGA’s lack of referencing. Razi asks for an example. Farid says that even the sons of MGA lacked the ability to give the proper references at the proper time. In fact, Razi agrees that the proper references must always be given. Apparently, Razi didn’t give references in his series on prophethood. Farid says that there are many instances of this. Razi brings up Nuzul ul Maseeh, which was published after MGA died in 1909. Farid brings up that some hindus are witnesses to his miracles (See Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, Vol. 4, pages 356-357), however, MGA didn’t say whom, he only said hindus from the Arya Samaj (most likely residents of Qadian). Farid argues that this is an incorrect method of proving a sign of anyone’s prophethood. Signs of prophethood are for the masses, not a few hindu’s in an obscure village in India. Farid argues that the majority of MGA’s signs are in this manner. Razi then admits that there are a few instances of this. However, Razi is not able to quote the page in Nuzul ul Maseeh wherein the exact witnesses and for this specific sign/revelation of MGA.

Razi then counter argues that Muhammad (Saw) had some miracles that were only for Muslims, Razi mentions the miracle of the multiplying of food, however, Ahmadi’s don’t accept this miracle at all, MGA never mentioned it, it was mentioned in ‘Life of Ahmad” by Dard (1947)(see pages 355-356). Nor does it seem that any of the Ahmadi Khalifa’s have supported this specific miracle of Muhammad (Saw). Razi then mentions the miracle of the splitting of the moon, however, he doesn’t believe in this, Razi and all Ahmadi’s believe this to be an eclipse (astagfarullah). In fact, MGA went back and forth on this and eventually denied it and said that he was better than Muhammad (Saw), since Muhammad (Saw) only had a lunar eclipses whereas MGA had 2 eclipses, lunar and solar (astagfarullah). Further, by the 1990’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was calling this miracle as a meteor shower of sorts which made it look like the moon was split.

Razi then argues that miracles are for believers. However, this specific revelation of MGA didn’t have an ahmadi’s as witnesses. Razi keeps claiming that this specific story can be found in Nuzul ul Maseeh. Razi argues that the majority of the signs of MGA were seen by people and those are all catalogued in other books. Razi then argues that Abu Bakr (ra) was the promoter of the miracles of Muhammad (saw).

Razi then brings the miracles of Ghar e Soor (Cave of Thawr) aka Ghar Thawr. Again, Razi gives no references to MGA’s writings or any Ahmadi writings on this topic. Razi indirectly refers to Chapter 9:40 of the Quran (however, he doesn’t tell Farid that MGA got this verse as a revelation), Razi can be heard as he continuously tries to shift the conversation to the death of Eisa (as). Farid says that the verse of the Quran all by itself isn’t sufficient to prove this miracle, he refers to the hadith for extended commentary. Razi alleges that Muhammad (Saw) walked right past a search party and they didn’t see him. Farid then asks Razi about the Pigeon and the Spider, and their role in the miracle of saving Muhammad (Saw) and Abu Bakr (ra) from the Quraish troops. Farid argues that the Pigeon and the Spider make this story a miracle. However, Razi disagrees with this. Razi argues that the episode was miraculous without the story of the Pigeon and Spider (he claims that this is the Ahmadiyya view)(the official Ahmadiyya english commentary, Chapter -9:40), Farid disagrees. The Ahmadiyya commentary also refers to the spider weaving the web in 8:30 (8:31 in a Muslim Quran).

Farid then says that he never went to a Kafir and showed a sign like MGA did in BA-4 in 1883-1884. Farid then tells Razi that his standards are very low for miracle (with an indirect pointer towards Ahmadiyya). Razi then immediately pivots to the death of Eisa (As) in classic Ahmadiyya fashion. Farid tells him that the case of Eisa (As) is irrelevant to the main discussion he is having.

Farid then goes to the topic of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad being Chinese. Razi had made a video in his proofs of prophethood series wherein he argued that MGA fulfilled this a prophecy about the Messiah being Chinese. Razi alleges that Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi is the mujadid of the Ahl-e-Hadith (which is a lie). Razi is totally in deflection mode and desperate. Razi starts spewing that Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi is defeated, then, he deflects again to the death of Eisa (as). Razi keeps connecting the Ahl-e-Hadith scholars of India to the Wahabi’s of Saudi Arabia. Razi is in full deflection mode. Farid brings Razi back…Razi then alleges that in MGA’s era, Persians were also considered Chinese, however, this is a lie. Razi was trying to run for many seconds and finally admitted that MGA claimed to be Chinese without any evidence at all. Technically speaking in 1897-1898, in “Kitab ul Barriya”, MGA claimed that Ibn Arabi had the prophecy/dream that the Messiah would be of chinese origin and MGA has some ancestors that lived in Chinese lands. In 1907, via Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA claims that some of his ancestors lives in China and thus this prophecy/dream of Ibn Arabi was fulfilled. However, this is incorrect, it was the Mongolian Empire, not the Chinese Empire. Farid then asks Razi if MGA ever said that Persian=Chinese, and Razi claims that he did, which is a lie. Farid keeps trying to explain that Persian and China are different. Razi then totally deflects to the famous hadith on 62:3. Razi is then totally running and claims that his series was only for Salafi’s, Barelvi’s and Deobandi’s. Farid then calls Ibn Arabi a Kafir, and tells Razi that MGA was quoting a Kafir. Razi then accuses Maulvi Sanaullah of following Ibn Arabi. Farid quotes Imam Al-Ghazzali wherein he called Ibn Arabi a Kafir. Razi then shouts over Farid and doesn’t let Farid talk. Razi then totally pivots to the Chapter 3:144 of the Quran and alleges that all prophets (as) have died. He then accuses Farid of not knowing Arabic. Razi then accuses Abdul Wahab of believing that all prophets (as) has died. Again, Razi is totally deflects to the death of Eisa (as). Razi then tells the Ahmadi psyche, Ahmadi’s believe it is disrespectful to believe that Muhammad (saw) is dead and Eisa (as) hasn’t died yet. Razi interrupts again!!!! Farid then explains how Ahmadi’s speak very condescendingly towards anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. Farid then reminds Razi how MGA believed that Eisa (as) was alive in heaven and changed his views. And MGA was getting divine revelations and couldn’t figure that Eisa (As) died in India. Razi then accuses Muhammad (saw) of misinterpreting verses of the Quran. Razi claims that Muhammad (saw) incorrectly prayed at the grave of a Munafiq.

Tadhkiratush Shahadatayn [The Two Martyrs]. Ziaul Islam, 1903. R. K. xx. 35

“””The sixteenth characteristic of the Prophet Jesus was that, being born without a father, he was like the Prophet Adam. Similarly, I being born a twin have a resemblance of a sort with the Prophet Adam: according to what the sage Mohiyudeen ibn ‘Arabi has mentioned about the Seal of the Caliphs to be of Chinese ancestry that is to say of Mongol origin, to be born the second of twins, a girl being born first, I was born exactly the same way on a Friday morning. It is not known from where ibn ‘Arabi got hold of this prophecy, but it has come to pass. This prediction is to be found in his books to this day.””
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