MGA died in May of 1908. Noorudin took over as Khalifa and immediately started publishing some of MGA’s books posthumously. However, this seems to be a cover-up, these books were edited to the point where they contradicted previous arguments by MGA (and his team). In October of 1908, Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 5 was published. We think that Noorudin was the main author and he disliked the hadith on the Mahdi in terms of the how the Mahdi would be related to Muhammad (saw), and thus, in BA-5, it is written that all hadith on the Mahdi are weak and thus false. In the preface, it is also written famously that 50=5, however, MGA never promised 50 volumes of the Barahin, in fact, MGA promised 300 arguments and only delivered one, and even that argument was imcomplete.

Nevertheless, after MGA died, BA5 was constructed and the Khalifa, Maulvi Noorudin seems to have added a small booklet called Nusratul-Haqq [in english as ‘Help of God’]. In fact, BA-5 starts off with Nusratul-Haqq, which is essentially a poem. This poem goes for the first 33 pages of BA-5 (english edition). Then, another separate book is seen, it is called “Signs of True Faith”. This additional book seems to be a part of Nusratul-Haqq, which is strange. This runs for 44 pages. Uptil page 77, BA-5 hasn’t even started yet. In fact, BA-5 also seems to be called Nusratul-Haqq, since its written over and over again in the header area of the book. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 then begin, which seems to be the main parts of BA-5. Almost 500 pages later, Nusratul-Haqq shows up again. As the supplement of BA-5 is specifically named as such.

The original edition of Barahin i Ahmadiyya seems to be missing, the second edition was published in 1915. We are unsure if Nusratul-Haqq was included in those editions. We have reason to believe that Nusratul-Haqq was published as a separate booklet and sold as such in Pakistan, thus, some researchers have quoted it separately from BA-5. There is also a 1924 edition of BA5.

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