We have been tracking the writing and publishing of Barahin-e- Ahmadiyyah volume 5. It can also be spelled as Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. Muhammad Ali told us (in 1915) that it was initially published in Oct of 1908, however, he is silent about the supplement. When was the supplement added? Who ordered its addition? Nevertheless, we have come across information from the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, on page 705, wherein it is stated in a footnote that there was a 1914 edition of Barahin-e- Ahmadiyyah volume 5. This is very odd since it is only 5-6 years after its 1st edition was published. “Correction of an Error” (originally published in 1901) was also re-published in 1914. Portions of BA5 were also translated into english and presented in the April-1911 edition of the ROR under the name “The Nature and Need of Miracles”. Also in the ROR of April-1913.
1924 edition of the BA5

BA-5, 1924 edition
_____________________________________________________________________________________________What edits were made to the second edition of Barahin-e-Ahmadiyyah volume 5?

We know that the Ahmadiyya team of Mullah’s are always working to fix the errors and omissions of the Mirza family. We would have to assume that they either added the supplement in 1914, or edited Barahin-e- Ahmadiyyah volume 5 and then re-published.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Tadhkirah (2004 online english edition) doesn’t have this entry at all

In the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah it is stated this footnote was added by Jalal-ud Din Shams. He was the “fixer”, he worked on behalf of the Khalifa to cover up many indiscretions of the Mirza family.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________We found the 1924 edition of BA-5

My team has found the 1924 edition of BA-5. It is posted in this essay. We don’t know whether Shams erred and wrote 1914 instead of 1924 or if this is the 3rd edition. Nonetheless, we have posted the scan of the cover page.
The scan work

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“Eik Ghalti Ka Izala” aka “Correction of an Error” was re-published on March-1-1914

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