Dear readers, MGA never promised 50 volumes of the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, check all the records from the 1878-1884 era, there is no such promise, however, he did promise 300 arguments in favor of Islam and claims to have already written most of them. But BA1–4 only covers one argument, that is, that MGA receives divine revelation from his God, and this is 1 argument of 300. Furthermore, Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part V was published after MGA died (october 15, 1908), hence, its obvious that MGA didn’t write the new preface, in fact, the entire book is something different, it was supposed to cover the remaining 299 arguments in support of Islam. In 1907, in Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA and his team of writers mentioned how BA5 was in the works (see page 491) and it would contain 300 signs, but if you look at BA5, it has nothing of the sort. This is the preface. Why did the ghost-writers of this book write 50=5? Well, back in 1900, MGA promised 40 parts of Arbaeen, however, he stopped a few months later at 4 and called it even. It seems to me that MGA’s ghost writers used an old argument, that is 50 prayers= 5 prayers. They were frantically publishing all of MGA’s books in late 1908, Jesus in India also appeared for the first time as well as Nuzul-ul-Masih (1909). Furthermore, MGA claimed that the BA had reached 150 parts (See announcements,  vol. 1, ad no 5. PDF 23).

A few pages from BA-5 were translated and posted in the ROR of April-1911. BA-5 was mentioned in the ROR of Nov-1912, MGA’s prophecy about Muslims declining and Ahmadi’s (Muhammadees or Muhammadis) increasing is also posted, it is also mentioned how BA-5 was published in 1908. This book was also quoted by Ahmadi editors in 1914 (in the ROR), as they argued as to why MGA didn’t live up to the famous age prophecy. See also the ROR of May-1914. The ROR of Nov-Dec-1918 has a 2 1/2 page english translation of the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol.5. As does the ROR of June-1918. The ROR of Aug-1916 has about 12 sentences of a poem from Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol.5.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Pages 11–42
MGA and his team of writers seem to have published a poem here, this is basically the beginning of the book. This poem doesn’t have any controversy in it, or none that I saw.

Page 43–78
MGA criticizes Christian missionaries and even claims that a certain Dr. Sandilands was caught with a young girl in his room and immoral behavior, he seems to have left British India to the UK. MGA claims that it was found out that this person had 17 young girls with which he was acting like a sexual predator with. However, what about MGA and his night-watch-women?  Who also massaged him? MGA goes on to make his repeated argument that since Ilyas (as) hadn’t physically returned to earth, yet the messiah, Esa (as) had appeared, the same was true for MGA, he wasn’t supposed to physically come out of the sky. This is a silly argument that most Ahmadi’s are taught. He then relates the story of Lekh Ram, which is also covered by MGA and his team in 10+ publications by 1908. MGA then talks about the signs that have been given in his support. He also mentions how Esa (as) never did any miracles that are attributed to him by Christians and Muslims. He then calls Esa (as) as the least successful prophet, however, he forgets that esa (as)’s cousin, Yahya (as) was also a prophet and was killed, they chopped his head off. MGA then mocks the islamic belief that esa (as) will physically descend onto a white minaret. MGA then returns to his regular and classic argument that esa (As) is not alive in heaven. MGA covers 4:158 again. MGA then quotes Imam Malik in terms of the death of Jesus, however, he gives no reference. Imam Malik may have believed that esa (as) died, however, he still believed in the physical return of Esa (as) as we all as his physical lifting to Allah. Thus, Ahmadi’s have no right to quote him. MGA then asserts that Muslims believe that when Esa (As) will physically return, he will be the last of the prophets, however, this is untrue, Muhammad (Saw) is the final prophet to be born.

Pages 79–85
Chapter 1 seems to start here. So far, all we have seen are old poems by MGA and old arguments that were made in 1891. It seems like another separate booklet altogether. MGA goes on to argue that the only to tell if you are in a true religion is through SIGNS. This chapter ends abruptly.

This is where Chapter 2 starts. MGA talks about his divine revelation as a non-law bearing prophet and the controversy which this claim has caused. He also confirms that Muslims do not believe in any revelations after the Quran, and thus this is why they have treated MGA as such. MGA gives 7 arguments, which are signs or predictions, he emphasizes that these are the true way to discern truth. Pages 98-100 consist of another poem. MGA then asserts that his God has kept him alive for almost 30 years after his initial claim of divine revelation, and this was so that MGA could witness his signs and arguments completed. MGA continues to explain how amazingly he has transformed from a nobody to a Messiah. MGA then compares himself to Adam (as) in many ways, the most disturbing is that MGA indicates that the world was in need of humans, since it lacked them just before MGA’s arrival. He then gives 7 prophecies and arguments for their fulfillment.

Another meaningless poem.

He continues to boast about his prophecies and signs and even refers back to 1879 (which is called 25 years ago), however, this could include any years from 1878 to 1884. MGA claims that the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya contains many predictions and signs for the future. He talks about the 2 yellow sheets again, this has to be the 10th time that he has mentioned it in his various books, nothing new. He mentions that he has 4 sons, who are still alive and this is per a prophecy, however as we all know, one would die tragically in 1907, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad.  He then compares himself to Adam again. He also claims that all the humans in the world were spiritually dead, just like when Adam came to Earth.

He then refers to some of his vague prophecies and claims that his court cases were also a sign from his God, since he won all of them, he mentions Karam Din and Dr. Clark and a few others. He them claims to have received divine revelation about the first few Ahmadi’s that were murdered in Afghanistan. He continues to argue that all prophets were slandered, and thus the allegations against himself are normal.

He claims that his followers will continue to increase, whereas Muslims and other religions will decrease day by day. He claims to have accepted by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia, however, these are lies, MGA even mentions ROME. MGA goes on to clearly call himself a Prophet.  He then relates the story of Yusuf (As) and tried to point out similarities. He mentions the Karam-Din case again and makes a parallel to the life of Yusuf (as).

He goes on and on about how he was told ahead of time about certain Earthquakes. He even goes to the extent of claiming that he had predicted these earthquakes back in BA1–4 (1884).

He mentions his famous english revelation, “I will give you a large party of Islam”, and then gives commentary, he claims that this means that many people will join Ahmadiyya from outside India and within. He then gives addresses to his converts in the USA (which are lies).  He claims that 300,000 people are Ahmadi’s. He then makes his oft-repeated argument about how the Imam will be from the ummah and he attributes it to himself. However, this hadith refers to the “Mahdi” and how he will be from the Ummah, whereas, Esa (as) will not, and thus won’t even know arabic.

He makes his oft-repeated arguments that he was born just like Esa (as), asserting that it happened miraculously and with divine help. He mentions that he mistakenly believed in the physical return of Esa (as) while BA 1–4 was published, but then his God opened his eyes. He then returns to comparing himself with Adam (as) Abraham and Yusuf and others.  He then claims to have been given parts of prophethood of all prophets, in a complicated method.

He then claims to also be Dhul-Qarnain. He creates many parallels and even claims all of the quranic verses that were for Dhul Qarnain, for himself.

Another boring and loooooooong poem. He mentions Karam Din in this poem. He says something very strange about his age, he says:

“”I am more than sixty years old now;
It has been thirty years since I made my claim.””

30 years since MGA made his claim? That would make it 1909 when this was written, since MGA’s first announcement of divine revelation was 1879 with the publishing of BA1. However, 60 years? That’s strange, that could only mean that MGA was 69 when he died. Which actually adds up. This book was published in Oct of 1908, this is all very strange, however, it seems like a slip-up from the ghost writer.

The book BA5 has ended at this point. The Appendix starts from here, it is unclear if this was published in the original or if it was added later on. MGA starts with a short poem and then begins to talk about an essay from the “Paisah Akhbar” newspaper wherein a man named Muhammad Ikramullah writes vs. MGA and his earthquake predictions. It seems that in Izala Auham, which MGA wrote in 1889-1890, MGA had totally denied that earthquakes were divine in nature, however, all of a sudden, after 1904 or so, MGA totally reversed himself. MGA responds by saying that in 1889-1890 he was referring to just normal Earthquakes or normal floods, that anyone could predict, however, after 1904, MGA was referring to the greatest Earthquake the world has ever seen. MGA also seemed to make a grammatical error in one of his Earthquake prophecies, which is also discussed.
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