Jesus in India was published posthumously in the winter of 1908. It contains a false argument wherein it is argued that Eisa (As) was a traveler. MGA and his team of writers didn’t check the original arabic edition of Kanzul Ummul and instead relied on the urdu translation. Thus, they attributed this story to the wrong sahaba. This is ironic, since MGA quoted the wrong sahaba in this scenario and wasn’t corrected by his GOD. Furthermore, MGA and his team purposely mis-translated the story from Kanzul Ummul. Specifically, they mis-translated the part about Eisa (as) having to flee from his country. Furthermore, the author of Kanzul Ummul writes just below some of these hadith that these are inauthentic.

Bro Haji explained all of this properly herein. Read a similar essay herein.

Scans from Kanzul ummal in terms of Eisa (as) having to flee

The scan in the below is from Jesus in India by MGA. It proves that MGA and his team of writers purposely mis-translated the word herein to mean “flee” instead of “gather around” (on the day of judgement).

Furthermore, they also got the narrator wrong, it was actually Abdullah bin Umar bin aas.

The same quotation from Bukhari
This proves that it was Abdullah bin Umar bin aas

Kanzul ummal


The story from Kanzul Ummul as given by the Qadiani’s

Kanzul Ummul, volume 6, page 51,
Abdullah bin Umar reports:

The Holy Prophetsa said: ‘The people most favoured in the sight of God are the Ghareeb.’ When asked, what was meant by the term Ghareeb, he replied ‘They are the people who, like Jesus, the Messiah, have to flee from their country to save their faith?’
Ibn Jawzi

Ahmadi’s quote a book by Ibn Jawzi, however, they don’t give the full name of the book on purpose. This is a book by ibn Jawzi which is full of weak hadith.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Scan from Al-dhabi

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers fraudulently claimed that Eisa (as) was a travelling prophet, and thus, made it to India


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