The Quran clearly tells us that some prophets were killed. Watch my video explanation here. We will also show 2:61, 2:87, 2:91, 3;21, 3:112, 3:144, 3:181, 3:183, 4:155, 5:70 (That’s 10 verses) to prove how prophets had been killed in the past, it wasn’t a new thing, in fact, 3;144 of the Quran tells us that even if Muhammad (saw) was killed, it wouldn’t mean Islam is false. Furthermore, we all know how Yahya (As) was killed early on during his mission, MGA even admitted to it. In fact, in TUHFA-E-GOLARHVIYYAH, MGA admitted that the killing of a prophet is not a sign that any given prophet was a liar. However, after MGA died, this son, the Khalifa (Mirza Basheer ud din Mahmud Ahmad) wrote that prophets have never been killed, in fact, he promoted MGA’s 23-year condition for anyone’s prophethood to be good.
Quotations from the Qadiani commentary on the Quran

Malik Ghulam Farid wrote the official 5-volume commentary of the Quran and it seems to have been published posthumously in 1988, a few editions followed, we are quoting from the 2018 online edition.

We aren’t sure if #Qadanis had written against the killing of prophets before this in Tafsir-i-Sagheer or Tafsir-i-Kabeer. Nevertheless, 2:61 tells us clearly that the Jews incurred the wrath of Allah since they rejected prophets, technically, Ahmadi’s believe that Muslims all around the world are being punished since we have rejected MGA. Anyhow, 2:61 tells us, “Ya Qu Tu Lu na, un nabiyeena, be gharee, al haqee”, which means, they used to kill the prophets unjustly.

However, the Qadiani’s disagree and claim that, “they would attempt to kill the prophets”. The Qadiani’s did this mis-interpretation on 2:87, 2:91, 3;21, 3:112, 3:144, 3:181, 3:183, 4:155, 5:70 (that’s 10 verses).
Why did the Qadiani’s oppose MGA in this regard? 

MGA clearly admitted that Yahya (as) was a shaheed, however, this was in 1891. By 1900, MGA was claiming that prophets had to survive 23 years to be true. This contradicted his previous positions. Thus, Qadiani’s had to figure out how to solve this contradiction.
Muhammad Ali, the Lahori-Ahmadi and his famous quranic commentary of 1917

Interestingly, Muhammad Ali agreed that the prophets had been killed (See his commentary of 1917).
____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1891

Izala Auham, RK volume 3 page 314, he calls yahya (AS) to be Shaheed

“If you become shameless you can say anything but the fact of the matter is that Maseeh (Jesus) was not more pious than the righteous people of that period. Rather the Prophet Yahya (John) is superior to Maseeh because he did not drink alcohol and it was never heard that an unchaste woman came and anointed him with perfume of her unchaste earning or touched his body with her hands and hair. Or some non-mahram young women came to his service. That is the reason God called Yahya in Quran as Husoor (chaste) but He did not use such a name for Maseeh as such stories were prohibitive to name him so. Further, Hazrat Isa (AS) repented for his sins at the hands of Yahya who is called John by Christians and was made Elijah later on.” (Roohani Khazain, Dafi-ul-Bala- Volume 18 – Page 220)…/books/Defence-Against-Plague.pdf, Defence Against the Plague and a Criterion for the Elect of God (dafi ul bala translation) (p3).

In tohfa golveria RK volume 17 page 103, he says death by killing of a prophet is no proof that the prophet is not a true prophet and then on same page later he says if EsaAS did not die on cross then yahyha AS also did not get killed but was lifted up to heaven alive.
Mawahibur-Rahman   :  “(مواهب الرحمن، ص 60-61)” denying that jesus-as had any child:

​”The fact that Jesus had no father and NO child is a proof of what has been conclusively stated … and the birth of Yahya without any touch from the human powers, so was the birth of Jesus without the father and their death without leaving the heirs is a sign of this incident”.​

“Just as before Jesus, the prophet John the Baptist was martyred while preaching the oneness of God, similarly before me in this very land of Punjab Sayyid Ahmad was martyred while preaching the message of the oneness of God. This was another similarity, which God fulfilled.” (Badr, 7th November 1907).

Scan for the 1902 comment vs. Yahya (as)


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