MGA and his team of writers stated that Eisa (as) was a travelling prophet (See Satt Bachan, Endnote concerning page 164, pp. A-B, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p. 301-302, see also Hidden Treasures, 1895 or 1902 edition) and (See Jesus in India, online english edition, pages 62-63), however, this refers to his life before the crucifixtion, and not after it, furthermore, these hadith are mostly from Kanzul Ummul, which isn’t an authentic source of information. In “Jesus in India” (published in Oct-1908), MGA and his team quoted Kanzul Ummul, Vol. 2, page 34 (see the full ref in the below) and page 71 of the same volume. They also quoted Vol. 6, page 51 and mis-attributed this hadith to Abdullah Ibn Umar, when in reality, it was Abdullah bin Umar bin Aas (See Jesus in India, online english edition, pages 62-63). They also quoted Lisaan ul-Arab (See Jesus in India, online english edition, page 82).

Watch Bro Haji’s video on this for a clearer explanation (towards the end). Qurtubi gives a good explanation also (see the scans in the below), he says that Eisa (as) would sometimes be in Egypt (Misr) and sometimes in Syria and sometimes by sea. Also check out 23:50 and those detailed explanations therein.

1895 or 1902 edition
Satt Bachan, Endnote concerning page 164, pp. A-B, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p. 301-302, see also Hidden Treasures

“”””This ointment is blessed one which is beneficially used on wounds and removal of sign of wounds. Physicians agree that this ointment was prepared by the disciples for the treatment of his wounds. When Hadrat ‘Isa was arrested by Jews and the Jews put him on the Cross with the intention of killing him and proceeded to stretch him on the Cross, God saved him from the evil designs of the Jews and he suffered only slight wounds on his body and because of this curious ointment he was cured and the signs of the wounds disappeared. This fact is even attested by the New Testament that when Jesus was delivered from the Cross, in reality he regained his life. He met his disciples and conveyed the news that he was alive. Disciples were
surprised how he did escape from the Cross and thought it might be that they were looking at his soul. Then Jesus showed his wounds which were caused when he was put on the Cross. Then the disciples came to believe that he was delivered from the Jews.

It is the simplicity of the Christians who believe that Jesus died on the Cross and got an entirely new life if it were so, God had the power of granting him a new life and could also totally cure his wounds, specially when it is said that the body that was elevated to heaven was the reflective one that he was seated on the right hand side of God and if it was so, how the wounds could exist on the reflective body. Jesus himself compared this to the event of Jonah. Jonah did not die in the belly of the fish and had he died, then there was no point in making a comparison….

He lived in hiding for forty days in the settlement under Pilate during which the application of the said ointment cured him and the good natured disciples disseminated the news that he was elevated to the heaven, in fact it was very wise move that the thoughts of Jews were diverted and it was decided beforehand that at an appointed date Jesus would leave the settlement that was under the jurisdiction of Pilate. Disciples saw him off and Ahadith of Tabarani also prove
that Jesus lived another 87 years after this event and during this time he was constantly visiting one country after another and that is why he is known as a Messiah—a person on tour. “””””
Kanz-ul-Ummal, vol 2 page 34

Narrated by Abu Hurraira,

Allah Almighty revealed to Jesus, “Move from one place to another, lest you know my influence.” By My Might and Majesty, I will marry you to a thousand maidens, and to whomever you owe, four.


______________________________________________________________________________________________Kanz-ul-Ummal, vol 2 page 71

Jasbir reports:

Jesus, son of Mary, was a Christian, and when evening came, he ate desert vegetables and drank bitter water covered in dirt. Then Jesus said, “He has no house that will be ruined, nor a child that could die. His food is the greens of the desert. His food is desert beans, his drink is filthy water, and his pillow is dust. When morning became clear, he passed a valley and found in it a blind and paralyzed man with leprosy, cut off by leprosy. The sky is above him and the valley below him, and snow is on his right and hail is on his left. He says, Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, three times. Then Jesus, son of Mary, said to him, O servant of God, for what are you praising God, and you are blind and crippled, cut off by leprosy. The sky is above you and the valley below you, with snow on your right and hail on your left, he said, “O Jesus, thank God, for at this time I am not one of those who say that you are a god, or the son of a god, or the third of three.” (Al-Dailami and Ibn Al-Najjar on the authority of Jabir)


______________________________________________________________________________________________The story from Kanzul Ummul 

Kanzul Ummul, volume 6, page 51,
Abdullah bin Umar reports:

The Holy Prophetsa said: ‘The people most favoured in the sight of God are the Ghareeb.’ When asked, what was meant by the term Ghareeb, he replied ‘They are the people who, like Jesus, the Messiah, have to flee from their country to save their faith?’


Scans from Lisan al Arab

Scans from Qurtubi

Ibn Jawzi

Ahmadi’s quote a book by Ibn Jawzi, however, they don’t give the full name of the book on purpose. This is a book by ibn Jawzi which is full of weak hadith.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Scan from Al-dhabi

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