As we all know, in 1890/1891, via Izala Auham, MGA claimed to be the Messiah and also claimed that other Messiah’s could come in the future. In this video, an #ahmadi mullah claims that an additional Jalaali messiah could come and that MGA made this prophecy. MGA even said 1000’s of people could be Maseel e Maseeh (the like of the Messiah). Mirza Masroor Ahmad even said that when #ahmadis need to be spanked, their God will send a prophet. #ahmadi murrabi’s in 2020 even argue that more prophets can come.
1984, August 12th, London Mosque

Mirza Tahir Ahmad explains that a jalaali messiah could come, however, not as a prophet. He goes on to say that this jalaali messiah won’t be accepted. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also claims that Ahmadis pray that hundreds of Ahmadi’s will become prophets.
Izala Auham, 1890-1891

p. 199

“It is possible that in future even ten thousand likes of the Messiah may appear, but I am the like of Messiah for this age and it is vain to wait for another.”

The scan work

Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol 3 p.250-251

“It is possible that in future no Messiah may come. It is possible 10,000 or more Messiahs may come and it is possible that he come with pomp and dignity and one of them may descend in Damascus.” 

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